Restaurant employees are using social media to reveal their innermost secrets to their employers, a trend that is rapidly growing. It’s even more compelling when a former employee posts. This is what happened when an Olive Garden employee, who claims she worked for the chain for ten years, posted her fagioli beans about everything she thought Olive Garden lovers should know.

@zekecieslak, a TikTok user, challenged others to name the restaurant that they would never eat at. @spookyshanny replied with her poker-faced response: “Olive Garden,”She spoke. “I worked there for 10 years. There’s a reason why you feel like s**t after you eat there. Just trust me, don’t eat there.”

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Newsweek reported on Thursday that @spookyshanny had plenty to share on TikTok about the behind-the-scenes events that she witnessed over her 10 years working at Olive Garden. Newsweek: “Since it was posted, the original video has been viewed more than 2.5 million times and liked by over 175,000 TikTok users, who flooded the comments desperate to know why Olive Garden was so bad a veteran employee would never eat there again.”

Although the video detailing the server’s reasons has been removed, Newsweek published the major revelations @spookyshanny made. Continue reading to learn the 10 most controversial secrets about Olive Garden’s food that a former employee shared with us (note: some images are only Olive Garden foods).

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Olive Garden

“All across the board, they changed their chicken about six years ago from good chicken to chicken that’s not so great,”Newsweek reported that the former employee said it. “It’s not 100 percent chicken, and the chicken that comes on the never-ending pasta bowl is actually canned chicken. Or, canned mystery chicken.”

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parmesan cheeseShutterstock

“Also, mystery cheeses, all across the board,”The quote was made by the former employee. Find out which cheeses can be beneficial to your health by reading The One Grocery List You Need To Eat Healthy All Week, Nutrition Experts Say.

An ex-employee of Olive Garden said so: “There’s always caterpillars and spiders that we have to pull out of the salad mix,”@spookyshanny reported it, according to Newsweek.

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“Servers, all day long, are picking toppings with their fingers out of there and eating it. It’s just the way it is.”

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According to the Olive Garden long-time employee, he said: “They took sanitizing wipes away from the Olive Garden servers, so the majority of them aren’t sanitizing or even bothering to wash their hands.”(Unfortunately this may be a nationwide trend, even after a pandemic.

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It is said that the former Olive Garden employee revealed his identity. “a very bad slug problem with the sodas”—as in: “We actually had to knock slugs off before we filled up sodas, and our managers just said there was nothing we could really do about it.”

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olive garden eggplant parmigianaOlive Garden

It is said that she called out “the amount of gluten, sodium and calories that are in each meal”Some customers feel ill after eating. “That’s why you’re usually super tired, sluggish, feel like you’re gonna throw up, have a lot of diarrhea,”She said. Although it isn’t clear if she cited specific Olive Garden nutrition facts or not, she was quoted as saying: “That’s just like basic, in-your-face knowledge.”Olive Garden’s worst menu item?

olive garden chicken scampiOlive Garden

“If you really wanna s**t, get the chicken scampi, thank me later,”According to Olive Garden employees for many years, he said: (Your at-home version might be a winner—check out 53+ Healthy Italian Recipes for Weight Loss.)

Plastic wrapShutterstock

The former OG employee also mentioned “lots of fillers that contain microscopic pieces of plastic.” Unfortunately, this might be inevitable just about anywhere you go these days—read One Major Side Effect of Drinking From a Plastic Bottle, Says Science.


“Yes, they do use a microwave,”The former server is said have made allegations about Olive Garden. “Your potatoes, your veggies, certain sauces and some of your meats are just microwaved and put on your plate.”

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breadsticks at Olive GardenOlive Garden

The breadsticks are not frozen “For the people saying their breadsticks are frozen, their breadsticks are actually not frozen. They’re kept in the dry storage, they’re probably your safest best at Olive Garden,”The former server stated.

Thursday’s response by @spookyshanny to the attention she received for her post was: “I don’t know why y’all are coming for me so hard, I didn’t say sh*t about the breadsticks, and if you want to know about the chicken, the knife fights, the slugs, and everything else, just stay tuned.”

Darden Restaurants, Olive Garden’s parent company did not respond to our request.

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