Planting strawberries in pots and planters is easy, fun, rewarding, and easy. It is amazing how many berries you can grow in one season if you have the right container. No matter what type of strawberry pot you use, you can still harvest enough strawberries to last a whole season.

I have tried every method from hanging planters to raised beds. I have compiled a list of the most effective strawberry planters that I have used and shared them here.


Best Verticle Strawberry Planter

Five-Tiered Vertical Strawberry Planter

High-quality 5 tray verticle strawberry poter. 29″ x 24″ footprint, stands 48″ tall, and holds 15 plants. Perfect for a wall.


Best Tiered Tower Planter

Garden Tower Project Ecosystem

Innovative rotating tower for vermiculture. This includes one Vertical planter made from five stackable pots that can hold 15 plants.

Strawberries can either be grown in the ground or in grow bags. There are many ways you can grow strawberries and other summer fruits. You can use raised beds, strawberry pots or hanging planters.

Strawberry growing is now possible for everyone, regardless of whether you have a large backyard or a small balcony. It’s now even possible to grow them indoors thanks to the innovative rotating planters on the market.

Remember that strawberries in containers can be deliciously sweet and juicy if they are grown in a well-drained soil and given plenty of light. The more sunlight you get, the more sweet red fruits you will produce.

Different types of strawberry planters

When deciding what type of strawberry planter to buy it’s crucial you know how much space you have to work with, and whether you want to showcase your strawberries or need a functional container for the job.

A strawberry tower, which stands vertically and saves floor space, is a good option if you have limited space. Wall hangers can be used to save space on a south-facing wall. To help you familiarize yourself with the possibilities let’s run down the different types of strawberry planters.

Strawberry Planters

A strawberry planter is an upright container that has an open-top and large openings on the sides. This design is based on the principle that plants can be grown in as many pots as possible.

strawberry pots

Each plant grows and cascades down one side of the planter, receiving ideally enough sunlight.

The traditional strawberry planter offered many advantages to the grower:

  • High fruit yield due to high numbers of plants per pot
  • Keep the fruit safe from slugs.
  • Airflow is improved, which prevents the fruit from rotting when it rests on wet soil.

Strawberry planters provide great growing conditions for your plants and flexibility. You can grow a crop in a container even if you don’t have a garden border or plot available. This is great news for those who live in apartments and have hardscaping.

Strawberry Pots

Terracotta or ceramic strawberry pots offer many of the same benefits as planters. The pot size can be used to maximize the yield and keep the crop off of the ground.

Because they are smaller than a planter, strawberry pots are preferred for use on balconies and patios. Pots can typically be moved around easily because they are 12 inches tall. Despite their height, pots can hold fewer strawberries than other options.

Tiered Strawberry Towers

strawberry tower

Strawberry towers are a mobile solution that keeps your plants elevated off the ground and protected against pests. They take up very little floor space and can often stacked vertically with a modular system.

The tower contains all the plant’s soil needs and it can easily be watered using drip irrigation or by hand from the top down. To save space and add interest, you can place the tower in your garden, on your patio, or on a deck. These towers are also great options for those with limited mobility. They stand tall and can rotate so you can easily access your plants.

Here at Yard and Garden, we are a family of strawberry lovers and definitely recommend growing these fruits in towers if you’re short of space. They can accommodate up 100 plants and can be as high as 7 feet tall.  So there’s plenty to pick as soon as they’re ripe and some leftover to make delicious strawberry jam and compote.

Hanging Strawberry Planter

Hanging planters are a great option for those who have exhausted every inch of space in their garden or balcony. Hang them either from a high position or against a wall.

Hanging strawberry planters are great because they can be placed on south- or west-facing walls so that they get the maximum sunlight. You can make great use of places that would otherwise be wasted, such as an external shed or outhouse wall.

It is important to ensure that you have enough water. Strawberries and other fruits require a lot of water throughout the season. Many hanging planters may have pockets of soil that could dry out if they are not taken care of. Water frequently.

Vertical Strawberry Containers

Another space-saving option. This is one of the best options for strawberry growers. This is a great way to prevent fruit rot and pest damage, and maximize fruit yield from a small area.

Vertical strawberry plants are popular for indoor and outdoor growers. They come in a variety of tiers and levels. Some models allow you to rotate or move individual planters within the framework.

10 Best Strawberry Container Reviews

There are many designs and options to choose from, and most will do a good job. But I am looking for the best strawberry pots or planters. To help me decide, I considered the following criteria: build quality, practical space per strawberry plant, aesthetic design and access to the planter for potting and harvesting.

I also considered thousands of reviews from online retailers and forums for gardening, as well as my own personal experience with testing the products.

Best Verticle Strawberry Planter

Vertical Strawberry Planter


  • Excellent build quality. Suitable for outdoor and indoor use.
  • Great use of space only 29″ x 25″ of floor space required to grow 15 strawberry plants
  • Available in green, brown, and grey planter troughs


  • It is not cheap but you get what your pay for

If you’re looking for an effective way to use your growing space then a vertical strawberry planter is a great option. Outland Living’s model has a high-quality, steel frame. It was easy to assemble and has a good paint finish to protect against weather. Standing 48″ tall and 29″ wide the frame is simple to set up and light enough to move around with ease.

This strawberry planter is unique because it makes the most of space. Within just 29″ x 25″ of floor space, you can grow a significant crop of strawberries in what is a very easy-to-access design. It basically gives you 5 small raised beds so you can work in a standing position. This makes it ideal for those who are limited in space or have limited mobility.

I recommend that you grow three varieties to get the most out of this product. One is an early, full-season variety and one is a late fruiting variety to extend your cropping period. A great tip I found was to drill drainage holes in the bottoms of each tray towards the front. This allows water to run-off into the tray below.

You can find the Verticle Strawberry Gardener

Customer reviews: hugely popular planter with great customer reviews. Everyone is impressed by the product’s quality, as well as its variety. It has a rating of 4.7/5 from customers. I agree, it’s an awesome product and one I will be keeping for my own garden.

The planter troughs, which are made of durable molded plastic, measure 22 inches in length, 8 inches wide, and 6 inches tall. They can hold 3 plants at a 10-inch spacing. This allows you to have one plant in the middle and one at each end. This vertical garden yielded a large amount of strawberry plants. I was able to grow 15 strawberry plants.


  • Innovative central column that can be used to compost kitchen waste. It allows worms direct composting to feed strawberrt plants
  • Rotating stackable layers allow you to plant from one standing position
  • A single tower planter can house up to 50 strawberry plants.
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty


  • This specialist planter is made for organic vermiculter, so it has a high initial price

I was fascinated by the Garden Tower Project when I first set my eye’s on what these guys were doing. In summary…they have designed a rotating stackable tower planter, that has really impressive features and benefits. You can deposit your kitchen scraps and peelings as well as other organic waste in the central column. You can also add composting worms to the column. These worms are free to move through the plant system, converting organic material into worm casts. This provides a super-nutrient-rich food source to your plants.

The tower is 43 inches tall and 23 inches in diameter. This means that it only takes 2 feet to place the planter. Each stackable shelf can rotate while you work, plant, pick, or harvest your crop. The standard tower system offers 50 planting spaces, which is far more than any other planters I have tried. It also has the smallest footprint.

The Garden Tower Project planter is ideal for anyone who wants to make the most of a small space. It can be used indoors, outdoors, on a porch or in a greenhouse. You can purchase a variety of accessories to help you make the most of this system, such as high-quality caster tires that allow the tower to be moved to different locations in order to follow the sun.

You can visit the Garden Tower Project You can visit the website to find out more and buy the system for approximately $350.

Customer reviews: Fans of the Graden Tower Project recognize the innovation and scale at which crops can be produced under such as small footprint. This team has created a social following, with users sharing their experiences and enjoying the system.


  • 100% recycled materials are very durable
  • Available in 8 fun colors: Olive, Graphite and Orange, Burgundy brown, Lime, and Electric Blue
  • Take out of season
  • 18″ deep a real advantage for root development and good fruit yields


  • It would have been nice to have a carry handle

This container measures 18 inches high and 14 inches wide and can hold approximately 9-gallons compost. It also has side pockets so that you can get 12 strawberry plants per planter. Check out their full line of products, which includes potato grow bags and general planter pots. The pot’s deepness is an advantage over traditional ceramic-type ones. With 18″ of growing depth for roots, you will achieve a greater yield over most of the other designs on my list.

Amazon has BloemBags.

Customer reviews: Customers found the product very durable and represent good value for money when considering the overall performance and build. It was made with recycled materials, which is a big plus for the eco-conscious.


  • Ultra-small 12.5″ footprint, awesome use of floor space
  • Neat 24″ stackable modules so you can choose the height
  • Built-in rubber matt soil separators for water run-off


  • There are no drainage holes built in, so you will need to water or drill holes.

Amazing Creation’s stackable planter is a neat design for the ultimate use of 12.5″ of floor space. This is a basic version of the Garden Tower Project. It features 5 stackable modules with a rubber soil filter tray that allows for water-runoff in each module. This product does NOT have rotating layers nor a central vermiculture systems. The unit is 24 inches in height and will hold 15 strawberry plant.

It is small enough that you can place it on a worktop, or at waist height for each entry. It’s perfect for anyone living in an apartment who longs to garden, or perhaps someone struggling with mobility and needing their micro garden on the countertop. This product can be used in many situations to provide mini gardening experiences.

The design is subtle enough for anyone to wear, and there are no harsh colors. It is well worth a look. If you are feeling adventurous, individual modules can be hung.

Customer reviews: hundred of positive reviews across the internet for this product. This product seems to be the perfect fit for customers who want this simple access function from their plantsers. Check out Amazing Creation’s latest price on Amazon


  • Space-saving at its best with a 12″ footprint, 28″ tall
  • They are easy to assemble. Simply stack them up
  • Available in four colors: brown, black, white, green


  • To ensure stability, you must stand on a level surface. E.g. E.g.

Mr Stacky’s 5-tiered vertical Strawberry tower from is the ultimate space saver with a 12″ wide footprint and standing at 28″ tall it will hold up to 20 strawberry plants. Modular design is straightforward and effective. Each plant cell can grow at a different spacing, depending on whether it is growing in the same or opposite direction. This allows for maximum use of space when cascading. This prevents plants from being crowded and exposes them to all the sunlight.

Each tier can be detached and has drainage holes at its bottom. To make a stack, place each of the tiers on top of each other. When the stack is filled with plants it’s easy to water from the top. The flow will naturally flow down to reach all plants in the stack. It comes with a bottom cup to collect any run-off water.

Customer reviews: due to the stackable design this planter allows for a very large crop. It is lightweight and easy to set up. If all 4 modules have been stacked, they must be positioned on a firm, flat surface to prevent blowing over in heavy winds.


  • If pots or ground-level planting are not an option, this is a tidy solution.
  • Good at retaining water for longer due to felted fabric
  • Washable and reusable year in and year out


  • Excessive water can drip onto the ground below, and over-watering may cause soil and plants to become irritated.

This is the perfect solution when you can’t grow from the bottom up and you don’t have space for pots or ground-level planters. This vertical hanging planter can be attached to a sunny wall. Fill the pouches up with soil and strawberry plants and water regularly.

This fabric garden planter’s felt pouches allow excess water to drain away while still remaining moist enough to keep the soil moist longer. Non-woven fabric is also breathable. This encourages healthy roots, well-ventilated soil, and soil that retains goodness longer.

This clever design measures 40 in height and 12 in width. The eyelets at its top and bottom make hanging from a wall simple and neat. Each planter comes with 7 pouches, which can expand up to 4.3 inches. This makes it easy to plant.

Wall Mounted Planter available online

Customer reviews: This is neat, tidy, and high-functioning gardening at its best. The planters can be attached to the wall indoors or outdoors. Just be careful when watering as you may need to place something underneath to catch the drips and save your floor from water damage.


  • Elegant classic Mediterranean design
  • Available in three beautiful colors: Olive, Smoke Grey, or Cream


  • Only available at UK outlets

If you’re looking for a modern twist on the traditional strawberry pot then this very attractive glazed ceramic pot may be interesting to you. They look great on my patio next to my outdoor seating area. These containers can also be used as herb planters if you want to grow multiple plants in a small space.

Measuring 10-inches tall it’s small, but still has room for 6-8 plants and brings that very elegant classic Mediterranean look and feel. As you would expect, there is a drainage hole in this pot. However, I recommend that you add gravel or broken ceramics to the bottom to aid drainage and allow air around roots. Check Gardeneque price here.

Customer reviews: loved the design and style of this strawberry pot, great for use on a balcony or within smaller gardens



  • Only available in UK shops

This terracotta strawberry planter is as traditional and effective as any, while still producing good yields. From Sun Cakes in the UK this pot is available in three different sizes, 8″ (20cm), 10″ (24cm), and 12″ (30cm) and has 6 side apertures for planting. This pot can accommodate approximately 8 strawberry plants. There’s a good-sized drainage hold in the base of the pot.

There is no complete list of strawberry pots without natural terracotta products so here it is. This pot, reminiscent of the days of old, would look great in a country-style garden.

Customer reviews: A great pot for those who are looking for something more traditional. Scores 4.6/5 Check out the Terracota Pot’s latest price here.


  • Gardening on a small scale is possible with a space-saving solution
  • Attractive design that can hold up to 12 strawberry plants


  • Plants should be tightly packed together, as this may compromise overall yiel.

Here’s a neat idea if you just have a small space to grow strawberries. This attractive set includes three cedarwood planters that can accommodate up to 12 strawberry plants. The planters stack neatly on each other and will create beautiful strawberry plants throughout the growing seasons.

You can make the top planter decorative and functional by adding strawberry runners, plugs, or nursery plants to the edges of the bottom two poters. All that’s left to do is feed and water regularly and watch them grow.

To aid drainage, each container comes with a handy tray made of plastic that fits inside the container. This tray is perfect for small spaces gardening, such as on a patio or balcony, or even indoors. While your overall yield may be lower, you can still grow a lot of strawberries with a very small area. Each container measures 12″ x 12″ square and 9″ high.

Customer reviews: These are not only space-saving, but also decorative additions to small outdoor spaces. Check out these other options. Architec Strawberry Tower’s latest price here.


  • Low-cost vertical grow bags
  • This is a great way to make use of wall space to grow strawberries
  • Easy to clean and fold away for winter storage


  • May not be long-lasting enough to withstand multiple seasons of growth

Another space-saver, this one by Nutleys from the US. This stacked planter bag can hold 16 strawberry plants and measures approximately 45cm x 19cm. To get the most out of its design, it will need to be suspended. It is ideal for brightening up small areas such as a patio, balcony, or garden. You’ll need a hook and some sunshine to bring your strawberry plants to life.

It’s made from polyethylene and has been UV treated for long life making it perfect to fold up and store at the end of the growing season ready for next offers Nutleys

Customer reviews: This vertical planter bag should be watered starting at the top. Some reviewers felt that water didn’t drain to the bottom plants sufficiently, leaving some vulnerable to drought. The plastic was also not as durable than other vertical grow bag materials, so it may only be suitable one growing season.

How to Grow Strawberries in Pots

Remember that fruit plants require lots of water during fruiting. This is a very important fact to remember. When the soil dries out, water it. Avoid watering the foliage too often as this can make it more susceptible to fungal disease. Simply lift the leaf and water directly on the soil or compost.

As soon as the first flowers appear, your strawberry plants will appreciate a regular feeding of high-potash liquid strawberry fertilizer. Cut back any overgrown foliage once fruiting has finished, but keep the young runners.

Strawberries need how much sun

The strawberry pot or planter must be placed in an area that receives at least 6-8 hours of sunlight each day. If you’re growing these plants in hanging baskets, be sure to keep them protected from gusts of wind.

Best Soil for Strawberries

Container-grown strawberries need well drained soil. These plants prefer slightly acidic soil that has a pH between 5.5-6.8. If you have tested your soil and it is more alkaline than acidic, we recommend filling the pot with a 50-50 blend of compost and potting mix. You can improve drainage and make the soil fertile by adding clay soil to the mix.

Strawberries in Pots: Best Time

Strawberries should be planted in spring after the frost has passed. The strawberry potting soil in a strawberry container warms quickly in direct sunlight so you can start planting in March. However, you should move the pot indoors temporarily if you expect frosts.

Step-by-step instructions on how to plant a strawberry pot

Strawberry towers and strawberry pots require a special method of planting that every beginner grower should be familiar with. The good news about the planting method is that it is easy to learn and your strawberry pot will be more beautiful throughout the growing season.

A strawberry pot is slightly different than a regular container. These are the steps to help you plant strawberries in a strawberry tower or traditional strawberry pot.

Step 1

You’ll need a watering column to maintain the proper moisture level of the strawberry pot. This column can be made from a PVC pipe so if you have an old gutter lying about in your shed, just drill some holes every 2 inches along its sides and cut it slightly longer than the pot’s height.

Step 2

If you’re using a terracotta pot, be sure to lay the pot in water for at least one hour before planting. Terracotta pots can absorb moisture from the soil, leaving the plant high and dry.

Step 3

Loosely cover the drainage holes of the pot, place mesh or gravel over the pot’s holes. This will stop the soil from escaping through the large openings.

Step 4

As you fill up the pot with soil, position the PVC water column so it doesn’t directly cover the drainage hole.

Step 5

Now place the strawberry plants into the lowest pockets and make certain the plant’s crown is above the soil level.

Step 6

You should fill the next level of side pockets with more potting soil, in the same way as before. Repeat this process until you’ve filled all the pockets with the strawberry plants.

Step 7

Pots should be filled with potting soil at least 4 inches below the rim. The top opening can be filled with 3-4 strawberry plants, but not more than that.

Step 8

After placing the strawberries in the pot, slowly pour water into the PVC column. Take care not to dislodge the plant’s roots during watering.

Step 9

You can turn the pot every few weeks to ensure that the strawberries you have just planted get the same amount of sunlight.

Strawberry Planter Material

Although it may not seem important, the planter material and its construction can have an impact on how often and how frequently you water your plants.

A pot that does not have drainage holes can cause soil saturation, which can lead to root rot, or other diseases.

The following are some of the most effective planter materials:

Planters and bags made of heavy duty fabric

Non-woven fabric is tough and breathable. It also retains heat. It’s also water permeable and therefore good for drainage and excellent for preventing root rot. Fabric bags and containers are light and portable.

You can often find them with pockets that allow you to stackable plant. They fold up for easy storage and can be used again for the next growing season. They are also more eco-friendly than plastic bags and plastic containers.

Bags and heavy-duty plastic planters

Similar in size, shape, and design to the fabric bags, heavy-duty plastic plants and bags are lightweight and can have handles. This makes them a great choice if you need them to be moved around your outdoor space.

You can often buy them in vibrant colors to add interest to your outside space. You can get multiple planting pockets so you can stack-grow more plants in smaller spaces.

They can be folded away and stored outside the strawberry growing season, just like the fabric bags. My preference is to use fabric bags instead of plastic. Fabric is more aerative for the roots and does not rot.

Terracotta Strawberry Pot

Terracotta pots made from clay are brownish-orange in appearance and are relatively affordable. If properly maintained, these attractive pots can last many years. When growing strawberries in terracotta pots, you’ll need to water them more frequently because of the porous nature of the pot.

Unglazed terracotta pots tend to suck up the soil’s moisture, which helps prevent root rot, but you must water the soil more often.

Glazed terracotta cans are more decorative and can be used to plant vertically just like plastic pots. These pots have one problem: they are heavier than others and can easily shatter if dropped.

Ceramic Strawberry Pot

Ceramic strawberry pots look very similar to terracotta pots. Ceramic pots can retain water making them a better choice to grow strawberry plants. These pots are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and may cost more than terracotta ones.

Buy ceramic strawberry pots that have adequate drainage holes to prevent root rot.

Plastic Strawberry Containers

Plastic strawberry containers are a cheaper option. These lightweight pots can be easily moved around, making them a great choice if the sun is reaching different parts of your garden during the day.

If the soil is not heavy enough, plastic can easily fall over. To prevent this, fill the base with pebbles for extra stability.

Plastic containers retain moisture better than ceramic pots and terracotta, but your choice will likely come down to aesthetics and cost.

Best Strawberry Pots and Planters

Easy and fun ways to grow strawberries are in pots, towers, bags, or planters. Try these containers if you’ve never grown strawberries before. Trust me when I tell you that there is nothing that can beat the sweetness of a sweet strawberry straight from the plant on late summer’s day.

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