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With rising costs, homes are getting smaller and it’s not rare for homeowners to complain about storage issues. These problems can cause clutter in the home and make it look less attractive. This problem is worse if you have pets, but no room to keep them.
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A shed can be built in your backyard to solve your garden storage problems. There are many shed designs and sizes to suit every garden owner’s needs. Many standard sheds can be boring. Here are 20 unique shed designs that will spark your imagination and make your garden storage unit stand out.

A shed is a structure with a roof that protects your property and allows you to store lots of stuff that would otherwise take up too much space. It can be used as a shelter for pets and as a place to go to get some rest. “me time”For entertaining friends.

Here are some eye-opening shed design ideas you can try to make a shed that is attractive.

The Cowboy’s Inn

cowboy shedDo you love the Old West, and long for the days when cowboys were the norm?

Maybe you love Westworld. Or maybe you are a fanof the Read Dead Redemption movie.

If you are one of these people, then you might be ready to let the cowboy/cowgirl in you out. Or at least bring it into you backyard.

Ideal for socializing

A shed that is old-fashioned and western-style can add some uniqueness to your garden. It can even go beyond the confines of a storage container.

Its unique design means you could use this cowboy shack styled shed for anything from a barbecue spot, or a bar to a man cave or she shed and of course you can use it to just store garden equipment.

The Tool Saver

Although garden sheds are usually used to store outdoor equipment such as lawn mowers, axes, chainsaws, and similar garden equipment most smaller tools are stored in the garage or the main building of your home and they can take up a lot of space.

backyard boss

What if there were a way to make that space more usable?

It is.

The perfect storage shed

You can store your lawnmower, garden tools and ladder, hose, detergents and even a washing machine. Small lawn tractorThis shed.

You can use shelves to store smaller items, and the floor space for larger items.

White cedar wood can be used to enhance your garden.

Mr. Tiny

small tool shedBigger isn’t always better.

If you are lacking a space in the garden area as well as in your home then it’s time to get creative.

It is small but it is very pleasing to the eye.

If space is tight, a grey-white single-door shed will work well.

A simple transfer painting can create the illusion that there is a small window on one end. The shed can then be painted in twin colors (preferably grey or white) for aesthetic purposes.

Even though it is small, you can still store a lot of items inside it, such as a shovel or ladder, hose, and other garden tools.

The Chill Out Shed

A shed doesn’t always have to be used for storage.

If there’s too much disturbance at home and you aren’t able to watch your favorite show or concentrate on your work then create a soundproof shed where you can chill, work, watch TV, or relax.

chill-out shedUse it as a man cave, or she shed

As long as the shed has an external power source or is connected to electricity, you can add everything you need, including a TV and a small refrigerator.

Then you can enjoy your new man cave or she shed while sipping a chilled beer.

You can make it even more special by adding small tables with lamps to the top. “indoor” feeling.

A study

It can be used to study or to just relax and read a book.

Wood is soundproof and absorbs sound so use it in construction. Although it is more costly, it can be your personal room.

The Workaholic Shed

Consider creating a separate shed in your garden if you need to work from home and find it difficult to concentrate due the noise made by your children, other-half, or pets.

This shed will be used for studying and working just like option #4, but with a slightly more specific purpose.

office shedOffice work: Tables, chairs and tables

The shed doesn’t need to be very large just as long as it can accommodate a desk and a chair it will be bog enough. It will require an electric connection to power lights, computers and other office equipment.

A wall-mounted aluminum shelf can be used as a table. You can also place a chair beneath it.

Install a fan and a heater and you’re good to go.

This will be your sanctuary, where you can work in peace and quiet without distractions.

The Gardener’s Den

Flowers and plants not only improve our health, but also add beauty to our lives.

You can make a shed with different plants that you can cover both the inside and the outside. This will give it a country, or tropical feel.

a shed fit for a ladyThe Roof

Use bushes, flowers, or plants to cover the roof of the shade. It will not only protect you from the heat of the winter, but also block the sun to keep you cool in the summer.

To enhance the look of the shed place multiple windows of various sizes all over the shed’s wall.

Tinted glass is also an option if you prefer privacy.

Sunkissed Shed

To enjoy summers, a shed made entirely of wood can be built.

If your budget allows, you can also get a porch.

Although it increases the budget, it is quite attractive.

sunshine shedThe Cabana Door

A wide mirror door can improve the appearance of your shed.

This door will let you see what’s going outside while protecting your privacy on the inside.

To keep cool in summer, you can place chairs and TVs inside.

Some people have even made a bed in the room so that they can use it as a guest bedroom.

The Dog Shed

A dog is a man’s best friend and many of us are so proud of this relationship that we create a home for him/her.

But why should your dog be excluded from all the fun?

The dog shedWhy not create your own dog house!!

You’re in the dog house now

Make a medium-sized wooden shed. Then, divide the door into two.

Double doors on top of each other with separate hinges that can open independently from each other create the doghouse look.

You can keep all the garden items you need in your shed or convert it into a man’s cave.

This shed will be your pet’s personal home and he can go to sleep here without disturbing anyone else.

The Vintage Shed

A shed that has a vintage vibe and an authentic finish can look stunning and have a real vintage look.

vintage looking shed

As we have seen a  shed does not have to be a storage space only and this type of shed works perfectly for an extra outdoor room.

Long Windows

Long  windows on the front will help give off a vintage character to your shed.

You can create the cottage look by placing one on either side of your door.

Adding a cupola perched roof

A wooden door with a perched cupola roof will add a unique touch to the shed.

The Glass Shed

If you are an avid gardener and have been having problems with your vegetables and plants in winter months, then you might consider making your own glass shed. This can double as a greenhouse.

glass only shed

Get it Glassed Up

The idea is to have windows made of polycarbonate panels from top to bottom, including the roof.

It will transmit light.

Slick Brick

Sheds don’t have to be made from wood, corrugated galvanized steel or aluminum.

Brick sheds are more expensive, but offer better protection against the elements. They can also look stunning when decorated well.

brick shedBrick Walls

Although sheds are primarily made from aluminum or wood, why not try something new?

Make walls for your shed using red bricks

They will give you an attractive appearance without compromising on durability.

The Wooden Door

You can color a wooden door to create a contrast.

To add to the overall look, slate can be used on the roof

The Getaway Fairway Shed

It is believed that being in the great outdoors can reduce stress. This is why you should surround your shed by flowers, plants, and grass.

getaway greenway shedThe Walkway

To resemble a golf-fairway, grace the path leading to your shed with lush green lawn.

You can plant flowers around the shed, or you can use creeping ivy and other creeping plants to train them up the sides. You should choose plants that are easy-to-maintenance and can survive outside without much trouble.

The Shed

You can create a sitting space outside the shed, and let the garden’s scent help you relax.

Make sure that the windows and doors are insect-proof.

The Rusty Cottage

This is my all-time favorite shed design.

Make a cottage-like shed that is board and batten sided to make it look rusty.

It will compliment both your garden or your home.

rustic shedThe color scheme

As an icing on top, grey and cream colors can be used.

The visual appeal of the cottage can be enhanced by painting the door gray or the entire structure with a cream color. It looks great if it is all gray.

The Artsy Shed

Your shed can be decorated with artwork or simply by mixing colors.

artsy colorful shedWhy limit yourself to the confines of your home when you can enjoy the outdoors? Place a multi-colored bench outside the shed if it is being used as storage.

Curtains and windows

You might want to place half-length curtains on your glass windows for aesthetic purposes.

If your shed is small, consider placing it. Sash windows in it.


A soft color scheme, flower patterns on shed walls, and small pots along the boundary will elevate your shed to the next level.

The Step Up Shed

Stone steps can make your shed stand out by putting them at the entrance.

If you are building a brick shed, use the same stones to blend the materials.

You can also use brick to create a façade on the walls, though professional help may be required.

step-up shedShingle Roof

A dark, shingle roof should complement the structure.

perfect gardeners shedThe Gardener’s Escape

If you are interested in growing plants, a lattice is a good option.

To create an outdoor look, a lattice can be used for specific climbing plants or foliage.

Lattice can also be used when you don’t have enough space in the garden for cultivating plants or flowers.

The Jacuzzi and Sauna Shed

Too hot or too cold outside to have a jacuzzi?

Create a shed with a roof covered in plants and walls for your sauna or jacuzzi.

You should be aware that sauna or jacuzzi sheds can be very costly to maintain.

The shed doesn’t need to be too big, just large enough to offer the jacuzzi protection.

Make sure you have enough space to allow air to flow through the windows.

You may want to read our sauna buyer’s guide before you proceed with this.

sauna shed

Kids’ Shed

kids shedKids love stuff that looks good. “adult”. This includes your house as well as your shed.

You can make a shed that looks like a small home for them.

To make your shed stand out, you can put signs on its walls or paint it in a multicolored scheme.

Leave most of the space inside the shed empty so that kids can play or fill it with kid’s furniture.

Booth Style Shed

A booth-style shed can be a good compromise for those who don’t have the space or garage space to build a large shed.

It can be used to store most small and medium-sized garden items, but it will not fit larger items such as a lawnmower.

You can use the wall shelves and hanging points to maximize space. This will allow you to hang ladders and shovels, etc.

Glass doors can be a great choice because they will allow you to see inside and add beauty to your home.

Many people will paint the booth in a color that matches their home. However, this is not the best option.


booth shed

Cabinet Shed

Cabinet shedLest we forget – the main purpose of a shed is to provide you with a storage area that is separate from the main building of your home.

Even if you have very little space in your garden and can’t afford to build a bigger shed, with a bit of creativity, you can keep a lot of stuff in a smaller shed.

You can build a small shed and then install cabinets along the entire upper line. These cabinets can hold many small items.

You can place a long shelf on the wall at the lower end and add more cabinets below to store more stuff.

For larger items, you can leave some space open or build big cabinets.

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