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As theSeason begins toWe are excited to see our gardens as it gets warmer. to freshen up theSoil with an array ofGreen foliage. You can create an outdoor garden. gardenThese are some ideas for beautifying your space with fresh, green plants. nurseriesAnd garden centres toChoose from a variety of options ofThere are many options. You can be a professional landscaper, or just a lover. ofCheck out these leaves the 25 best places toPlants for sale in the GTA.


Vandermeer Nursery & Garden Centre

Vandermeer Nursery is thelargest nursery inYou can find rare plants in Durham, as well as plants for every season, water plants, and many other things.

Address: 588 Lakeridge Road South Ajax



Royal Botanical Garden

You are looking to start your career? garden for free, then borrow from Royal Botanical Garden’s seed library. There are many seeds to choose from. ofYou can purchase seeds for herbaceous perennials and annuals, as well as grasses, annuals and trees and shrubs. The Garden also offers a shop called Shop @ theGardens are a wonderful place to find a beautiful selection of gardening merchandise.

Address: RBG Centre at 680 Plains Rd West Burlington


Glen Echo Nurseries

Glen Echo Nurseries has been providing Caledon residents since 1981 with materials and products. toBeautiful gardens and landscaping designs can be created and maintained. They gardenThe center stocks bulbs, shrubs and annuals, as well as flowers and trees. The staff is highly qualified to offer expert advice on indoor and outdoor plants.

Address: 15070 Airport Rd. Caledon East

Upright Nurseries

Upright Nurseries offers everything you need, including shade trees. to evergreens toRose bushes Look at their property, and breathe! in theRefreshing scent ofpine and cedar, while stomping through the soil. Over 50 years ofExperience and 20 Years of tree digging, theFriendly staff ofUpright Nurseries will be able to toWe can help you. theRight products, as well as the right answers toAll of your questions.

Address: 6777 Healey Rd. Caledon

Humber Nurseries

Wholesale suppliers of Humber Nurseries include Humber Nurseries ofTrees, shrubs and specialty plants. gardenequipment Equipment that is well-suited to larger-scale projects, theHumber Nurseries has everything you need to make your home a happy place. gardenOr landscaping project.

Address: 14905 Bramalea Rd. Caledon East


Kim’s Nature

As an inclusive nursery, Kim’s Nature carries many of theYou can find indoor and outdoor plants you would expect to find in other places, but it is the Bonsai trees that make this place unique. Kim’s Nature carries 9 different varieties of Bonsai trees, as well as trimming (*25*) and soil. If you are looking to add something special, toYour home or garden, visit Kim’s Nature toExplore theBeauty of theBonsai!

Address: 10011 Highway 48 (Markham Road) Markham

Sheridan Nurseries

The expansive Toronto Garden Center offers everything you need for your home. garden. Sheridan is a specialist inAnnuals, perennials, bulbs, and all other types of flowers are included. gardeningequipment and soil. There are still many options. ofTropical plants and small indoor varieties. Bonus: visit Sheridan Nurseries during theHoliday season toCheck out their stock ofReal Christmas trees


2827 Yonge St. Toronto4077 Hwy 7 Unionville2069 Burnhamthorpe Rd W, Mississauga1774 Ellesmere Rd Scarborough



Arbor Garden

Arbor Garden Center and Nursery has a large selection ofPlants, hydrangeas and perennials, shrubs and more than 1000 varieties ofTrees! This huge nurseryYou can also get landscaping and other services. gardenEquipment Visit the online catalog toCheck out their Spring and summer collections.

Address: 6556 Trafalgar Rd. Milton

Jane Gardens

Spring is here inJade Gardens – Bloom! This nursery specializes inEvergreens and shrubs inAdditional toMultiple types ofHerbs. Take a look at their selection ofsoil, peatmoss and tropical plants are all available.

Address: 5532 Trafalgar Road Milton


Toronto Botanical Garden

Quality seeds, including vegetables, herbs and flowers, as well as indoor plants, are available. garden at Toronto Botanical Garden’s shop. Do not forget toEnjoy intimate themed gardens, the Piet Oudolf Entry Garden Walk, Perennial Border and Nature’s Garden as well as a stroll into theEdwards Gardens and a ravine with expansive views

Address: 777 Lawrence Avenue East Toronto


Down 2 Earth Garden Center

Down 2 Earth is known for their friendly, knowledgeable customer service. thePerfect items for your home and garden garden. They have a wide selection ofYou can find plants, flowers, soil, as well as materials and equipment to help you. of your landscaping needs.

Address: 158 Park Lawn Road Suite 1 Etobicoke

Stamens and Pistil

Located in the west end ofStamen & Pistil, downtown Toronto, offers a wide variety of products ofPots, soil and plants ofAll sizes. They also specialize inYou can create custom terrariums complete with care instructions. Keep an eye out for their unique offering ofWorkshops will resume when social distancing restrictions are removed. You can shop directly from their Instagram account @stamenandpistilbotanicals.

Address: 1562 Bloor Street West

Dynasty Plant Shop

The Dynasty Plant Shop has been serving theQueen West neighborhood since 2013. Customers can browse new plants, ceramic pots and artistic creations every week. Dynasty is also a design studio that pairs stylish pottery with potted plants. This can be used for personal or commercial use. Their unique offering ofCactus and exotic tropical plants are a must-see for all plant lovers.

Address: 1086 Queen St. West.

Eco Stems

This adorable shop is most well-known for its environmentally conscious and sustainable practices. in theEast end ofToronto offers a variety of activities. ofThere are many options for indoor and outdoor plants. We also offer plant supplies and flower bouquets that will delight and inspire. Eco Stems has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for large, air-purifying plants or a hand-tied bunch of flowers, toYour green thumb!

Address: 364 King Street East

East End Garden Centre

This family-owned, full service restaurant has been in existence for over 30 years. gardenFacility has been provided theEastern neighborhoods ofScarborough and Toronto are equipped with a variety of products of gardeningProducts and plants, as well as chopped firewood. East End Garden Centre offers a complete professional landscaping section. You can choose from a range of products ofYou can buy fertilizers, seeds and shrubs, as well landscaping equipment.

Address: 1395 Queen Street East

Glided, Green

This is a boutique flower and plant shop located towards theNord end ofToronto offers a wide range of clothing and accessories ofFlowers and bouquets are available for every occasion. theColor flower petals are some of the most unusual and beautiful house plants. Glided Green is a great place to find a gift or home item other than a floral arrangement. toAsk about their plant selection.

Address: 3234 Yonge Street Toronto

Anga’s Farm

Since 1980 theFamily-owned nurseryEverything from perennials, seeds, and bulbs to indoor and outdoor potted plant, we have it all. No matter what you are doing to beautify your home, gardenAre you looking? to add lush greenery to your indoor living space, the knowledgeable staff at Anga’s Farm will help you choose thePerfect products for your project. During your visit, don’t forget toCheck out their adorable chicken farm!
Address: 89 Bankfield Drive Etobicoke

Davenport Garden Center

Three locations toServe the Toronto core, theCurrent offers at Davenport thePick-up available on selected days of theweek. Check out their amazing selection ofNearly 100 varieties of indoor plants. Additionally, the Davenport Garden Center is home toA large collection ofAs well as succulents and arrangements, there are herbs, perennials and bulbs.

Address: 368 Davenport Road Toronto


Their window slogan says it all ‘plants make people happy,’ and we couldn’t agree more. This boutique sells a cheerful selection. ofPotted succulents, cacti, and tropical plants are all available. Plantful has a wide selection that sells quickly. inShopping in-store Don’t delay; gift yourself or someone else with leafy happiness.

Address: 3379 Yonge St. North York

Beech Nursery

Located in theEast end ofBeech Nursery is located downtown Toronto. It offers more than its lush assortment ofTropical plants and tall-standing potted plant species. Beech also offers landscaping design services through their contractors. Visit them online. in-Personal toGet expert advice and support for your project gardeningYou have to.

Address: 4 Carlaw Ave. Toronto

Bloom Plus

Bloom Plus has been serving the neighborhood ofNorth Toronto for more than fifteen years. This florist offers beautiful arrangements and decorative house plants for every occasion. Browse their online store to see their selections. ofCacti, succulents, cacti, and potted tropical plants.

Address: 3160 Yonge St. Toronto

Garden Supply Center

This family-owned business has been in operation for more than twenty years nurseryEverything is possible with a bouquet of flowers toVegetable plants toSoil and wood products Their knowledgeable staff can also offer advice on outdoor and other topics. gardenProjects For those who live on theEast end of the GTA? theGarden Supply Center can be your one-stop shop for everything gardening. toAll ofYour green thumb fantasies!

Address: 8885 Sheppard Ave E Scarborough

Dave’s Air Plant Corner

Dave’s Air Plant Corner specializes inTillandsia, an unrelated plant species, does not require soil toGrow. Dave’s carries over 60+ varieties of Tillandsia plants, inAdditional toTerrariums and air plants displays. You might also be interested in soil-less options. toYou can beautify your home by using unique plants. the interesting options available at Dave’s. Also, expert air-plant maintenance is available.

Address: 55 Bamburgh Cir Scarborough


Promise Supply

Promise Supply is a boutique flower and plant shop that stocks a variety of plants. ofDifferent plant species and sizes. Starter potted plants range from 3.5” to 14,” and plant heights can range from 3 feet to ten feet tall. If you are interested in this, toPromise Supply can help you green up your space. thePerfect size plants to suit your environment.

Address: Stackt Market, 28 Bathurst Street, Unit 1-109, Toronto


Terra Greenhouses Vaughan

If you are interested in a job, toExpand your reach gardenTerra Greenhouses has patio furniture, potters bird feeders, soil and other items for patios. ofLawn and garden care items. Terra also offers a wide range of care products. ofPotted and tropical plants, evergreens and flowers, as well as evergreens and potted plants. Stop inAll sources ofYour home and gardenYou have to be prepared theSpring season.

11800 Keele St, Maple
2273 #5 Hwy. Burlington
12800 Britannia Rd. Milton

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