From longtime family-run plant stores such as Mickey Hargitay Plants and Sunset Nursery to recent startups including Latinx With Plants and Tansy, plant stores capture the essence of L.A. — a surprising, welcoming, multicultural mix that imbues every neighborhood in the city with goodwill.

Plants have given us comfort after we sought refuge at home during the coronavirus pandemic, so it should come as no surprise that plant sales have skyrocketed and garden Stores are more popular than ever.

The latest shops offer new takes on traditional items nurseries, such as the Plant Chica — an auto shop turned plant store in West Adams — and Lost Books, the used book store in Montrose where you enter through a magical tunnel of live plants and can shop for fiddle-leaf figs alongside copies of “All Quiet on the Western Front” The bestselling cookbook “Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat.”

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If you’re looking to find out more about houseplants, visit our guide to indoor plants


A space with plants displayed on contemporary furniture
(Joey Espina)

All Time Plants

 Long Beach Plant shop
All Time Plants was established as a pop-up plant shop in the coffee and bottle houses. CommodityIt was a huge success. The two companies merged permanently and built a wall that would also include them. Amigo Modern, Eric Trine’s line of furniture and home accessories. The open-air storefront is now a hybrid coffee shop-plant store-homestore where customers can shop for plants and other home goods while sipping a latte, wine, or beer.
Children in a space with plants and a greenhouse-like ceiling
(Christina House / Los Angeles Times)

Avalon Nursery & Ceramics

 South Park Plant shop
South Los Angeles’ Only the lasting are you nursery It feels more like a botanic gardenA thriving business on busy corners is better than a struggling one. The area is home to colorful ceramics, trees, and shrubs. nurseryFeatures “green room,”This is where the majority of houseplants live.
Artists Jackie Amezquita and Julio Toruno in their Boyle Heights nursery, EnCactusar.
(Nayeli Huerta/For The Times)


 Boyle Heights Plant shop
Jackie Amezquita, Julio Toruno and Julio Toruno had the chance to make their hobby their own through the COVID-19 pandemic. nurseryA small business they run from their Boyle Heights home. Toruno can arrange for cactuses to be brought in, and both Toruno and Toruno make ceramic plant pots. Only open Saturdays and Sundays To make an appointment, DM them on Instagram
A wood building in an outdoor display of plants
(Fig Earth Supply)

Fig Earth Supply

 Highland Park Plant shop
Conor Fitzpatrick, the owner, stocks a wide range of houseplants including fiddle-leaf, philodendron, and calathea, in addition to organic edible, medicinal, and medicinal plants. Fitzpatrick also presents regular classes — virtually and in person — spanning houseplant basics to cannabis cultivation.
A white brick wall with shelves of houseplants
(Danae Horst).

Folia Collective

 Eagle Rock Plant shop
Folia Collective has every plant from Peperomia ferreyrae to staghorn ferns, comes with a care card written by owner Danae Horst, author of “Houseplants for All: How to Fill Any Home With Happy Plants”You should describe each plant’s needs. The staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have and give you tips. Horst stocks gifts and accessories for houseplants. Before the pandemic, Horst hosted book signings, occasional cutting swaps, and occasionally hosted book signings.
A room filled with plants
(Danica Carver )

Foliage Long Beach

 Long Beach Plant shop
Foliage Long Beach owners David Allen, Nicoletta Meza, and David Allen bring in plants twice a day and offer rare and unique plant drops once a months. They also sell their own line, including candles, pottery, and soil amendments.
Shelves of plants with pots in the foreground
(Jamie Curtis)

Greenwood Shop

 Studio City Plant shop
Jaime Curtis also stocks ceramics and candles, home decor, and apothecary items at her Studio City shop. Curtis will be stocking holiday gifts like Petra de Luna blankets, printed wood accessories (trays games, mirrors) by Wolfum, as well as a wide selection of candles, stained glasses by Debbie Bean, and planters galore. Curtis also offers design and planning services to transform your space to suit light, environment, maintenance needs, and other factors.
A plant shop with green walls
(Houseplant Nation)

Houseplant Nation

 Huntington Beach Plant shop
Huntington Beach’s family-owned shop was founded in 1975 as a water shop. It sold rare plants (variegated Monastera). ‘Albo,’anthuriums, Epipremnum ‘Albo,’Syngonium ‘Albo’and rex begonias. Tammy Ha and Joe Ha have opened a second Garden Grove store at 9757 Garden Grove Boulevard. 9 features a stunning aroid wall. The couple also sell handmade, local macramé and pottery and host occasional workshops.
Plants, pots and baskets
(Lisa Boone/Los Angeles Times )


 Burbank Plant shop
Jimmy Hartman’s full-service florist offers fresh flowers, handmade bouquets and houseplants.
Pots of plants outdoors
(Jackalope Pottery).

Jackalope Pottery & Plants

 North Hollywood Plant shop
This is North Hollywood’s longest-running star gardenCenter offers fountains, pottery, indoor and outdoor plants, as well as unusual varieties (aquatic plants and trees, unique succulents, drought-tolerant plants), which are sourced locally from responsible growers.
Custom planters filled with succulents
(Dania Maxwell / Los Angeles Times)

The Juicy Leaf

 Glassell Park Plant shop
Houseplants, succulents, cactuses, tillandsia, designer terrariums, planters and macramé hangers — you can find them all here. You can also create your own arrangement or attend one of owner Felix Navarro’s weekly live workshops hosted on Instagram (items are delivered to your door or you can pick them up at the store).
Signs in front of a nursery advertising various types of plants
(La Belle Plant Nursery)

La Belle Plant Nursery

 Santa Monica Plant shop
This nurseryThere are many indoor plants available, including succulents, air plants, cactuses, and air plants. You can also find decorative containers in Mexican red clay and Italian Terracotta, as well as Chinese ceramics.
A woman wearing a mask holds a pink plant
(Martina Ibanez-Baldor / Los Angeles Times)

Latinx with Plants

 Boyle Heights Plant shop
Latinx with Plants founder Andi Xoch says plant sales started booming as L.A. began sheltering in place. Her weekend pop-up events were so popular that she opened the Latinx With Plants store on César Chávez Boulevard on Aug. 1. She believes that a local plant shop can offer comfort during times of distress.
Tropical plants sit on display in a light-filled room
(Gabriella Angotti-Jones / Los Angeles Times)

Leaf and Spine

 Highland Park Plant shop
This is a tiny store specializes in plants that are hard to find. “We wanted to form a specialty in plants that are really unique,”Dustin Bulaon, the owner, is a collector. Keep an eye out for rare plant sales, which Bulaon announces on the store’s Instagram.
A dense wall of plants with bookshelves in the distance
(Lisa Boone / Los Angeles Times)

Lost Books

 La Crescenta-Montrose Plant shop
Walk into Lost Books in Montrose, and you’ll be greeted by an amazingly verdant and jam-packed plant tunnel installed by Yuko Watanabe of Yuko’s Kitchen. During the pandemic, she switched to selling plants in her restaurant. The used bookstore feels like a magical, miniature literary jungle with custom-made bookshelves that are dotted with calatheas, fiddle-leaf and pothos, as well as a ceiling covered in dried reindeer moss.
Plants rest on shelves, on the floor and hang from above.
(Mickey-Hargitay Plants).

Mickey Hargitay Flowers

 Hollywood Plant shop
Mickey Hargitay’s nurseryThis Hollywood landmark has been around for over 30 years. It is where staffers will carry your stuff. Monstera deliciosa While offering car care tips, we will come to your vehicle. “We have done our best to keep some of the hard to get plants such as Monstera adansoniiRhaphidophora tetrasperma, string of hearts, various varieties of hoya, Peperomia polybotrya, many varieties of calathea,”Hargitay says. Potting services are generally free, depending on the plant’s size.
A room full of plants in pots
(Peacock & Co.)

Peacock & Co.

 Long Beach Plant shop
Stephanie Garcia Saharopulos’ Long Beach plant shop offers tropical plants, cactuses and terra cotta planters.
Planta in Highland Park
(Dan Goshin).


 Highland Park Plant shop
Dan Goshin and Jose Chavez’s nurseryThere are many houseplants to choose from, including exotics such as NepenthesSome species are rarer than others, such as Sansevieria kirkii and potted succulents. There are large monsteras ($95), baby cactus ($12.50 apiece) and potting services starting at $3 (even if you didn’t buy the plant there). Customers can also take home any leftover spray bottles, spray bottles, saucers or other items from the store’s regular plant swaps.
Plants on shelves
(Gaby Salzar / For The Times).

The Plant Chica

 West Adams Plant shop
Sandra Mejia transformed an abandoned auto body shop Jefferson Park into her urban greenhouse and plant shop called the Plant Chica.@thePlantChica. Mejia started her company selling plants in her neighborhood. She also sold plants through Etsy. Now, she specializes in unusual plants. Her store has been open for kids events for the past year. She wanted something more impactful and uplifting for her community. “The kids who are from this neighborhood — it’s so important for them to see that the owners look just like them, whether they’re Black or brown, it can happen, you can be a business owner,”Mejia said.
A sunny courtyard lined with plants and pots
(Plant Material)

Plant Material

 Eagle Rock Plant shop
Terremoto landscape architect David Godshall, who co-founded Plant Material with business partner Matt Burrows, likens the nursery’s aesthetic and spirit to “a punk rock plant shop.”Find natives, indoor and outdoor plants. gardeningAccessories available here
Two men stand in a room filled with plants
(Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times)


 Long Beach Plant shop
Kevin Alcaraz and Anthony Diaz’s spacious shop features tropical houseplants, stylish planters and hand-crafted goods.
A sunny room with colorful contemporary home decor items and hanging plants


 Atwater Village Plant shop
This is a free, open-access facility that has been in use for more than ten years. Atwater Village boutique sells indoor and outdoor plants, planters by local artists, extensive home decor, and fountains. The store hosts regular DIY workshops on mounting staghorn Ferns and kokodema, as well as lectures on houseplant care.
Women sit around an outdoor table at night, making things
(Sadie Gilliam)

Pour Vida Art & Plant House

 Venice Plant shop
Sadie Gilliam’s Venice boutique offers plants, plant-related gifts and locally made products including crystals, cards, jewelry, candles and fresh floral-and-sage smudge sticks. Check the online calendar for artisanal classes curated by Denise Ambrosi of These Hands Maker’s Collective as well as a mobile plant shop.
A woman is seen through a shop doorway surrounded by plants
(Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times)


 Mid-Wilshire Plant shop
The coronavirus pandemic struck in the year 2000. Amorette Brooms pivoted her fashion business and now offers houseplants, designer pots and interior plant styling out of her tiny storefront on Pico Boulevard. She has recently started hosting occasional parties. “Plants After Dark”Evenings with live music, drinks, plants
A store space with housewares and plants
(Roger’s Gardens )

Roger’s Gardens

 Newport Beach Plant shop
The most popular gardeningA specialty outdoors supply store that has earned a reputation for its themed products has emerged. gardenDisplays and elaborate holiday popups. The gardenCenter features extensive indoor- and outdoor plants, drought tolerant native plants and planters.
Hanging plants in a greenhouse
(Raychel Walton)

Rolling Greens

 Culver city Plant shop
The gardenThe home design boutique in Culver city, located on two acres, features indoor and outdoor plants, succulents and planters, as well as home decor. Laurie Resnick and Greg Salmeri travel the globe to find the best home and garden products. gardengoods. Customers can create their own arrangement at the store’s Arrangement Bar. Also available at 7505 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles (323) 934-4500
An artistic display of plants on contemporary furniture


 Lincoln Heights Plant shop
Yunice Kang – Rare and unusual plants from private collections. Sanso (Korean for “oxygen”) is open on Saturdays and by appointment with curbside pickup available. Two people can book an appointment at a time.
Houseplants and other items displayed in a store with hanging basket lights and a patterned tile floor
(Sarah Cotta Plants)

SarahCotta Plants

 Glendale Plant shop
Sarah Bazik has a Glendale boutique that stocks houseplants, both exotic and familiar, as well as planters or plant-related accessories. She also has a “take-one, share-one”Community board where customers can share their cuttings with other plant lovers.
Store shelves holding plants
(Valeria Hernandez/For The Times)

Sari Sari Plants

 Highland Park Plant shop
This gallery houses Filipino plants nurseryAlwin Anicete has curated a large selection of plants, baskets, and containers.
Plants displayed on tables and against a wood wall with a sign saying
(Marisa Vitale)

The Sill

 West Hollywood Plant shop
This popular online plant shop sells houseplants, planters, and gifts. Plants start at $5 and are arranged according to water, lighting, and pet needs. The store offers classes in houseplant basics, kokedama and potting tables as well as a plant care bar with a potting table and a plant care bar. Plant Parent Club.
Lots of plants inside a shop
(Lisa Boone / Los Angeles Times)

Sunset Nursery

 Silver Lake Plant shop
This family-owned business has been in existence for many years. nurseryThis section includes houseplants as well as succulents, California natives, and edible plants. pots.
Plants, baskets, planters and home decor inside a store.
(Mariah Tauger / Los Angeles Times)


 Burbank Plant shop
Shawna Christian & Colette Fowler sell bohemian home goods in their Burbank store. They also carry home decor and pots. Tansy will host an outdoor market with local businesses and artists on Sept. 25-Oct. 30, offering 20% off all plants.
A glassed-in space with large plants
(Lisa Boone / Los Angeles Times)

The Tropics

 Hollywood Plant shop
The Tropics opened at the Hollywood swap meet on 1972. It has since grown to a showroom of 20,000 square feet that houses thousands of tropical plants, trees and orchids. Ryan Hroziencik, the owner, offers plants for home and business staging, as well as film projects. The showroom also serves as a location. It’s a fun place to look at plants but can be frustrating too. Admission is by appointment only. There are no fees.
Plants, candles and gifts inside Wildlfora.
(Sarah Zing )


 Studio City Plant shop
The full-service florist shop offers houseplants, succulents and tillandsia as well as terrariums, home decor, such as candles and pillows, and gifts. You can also find the Original Farmers Market at 6333 W. 3rd St. Stall No. 708. 708.
Houseplants hanging from the ceiling, on a wall and in a curved wooden structure
(Wyldbnch Plants)

Wyldbnch Plants

 Downtown L.A. Plant shop
Pop Annemarie Chan’s plant shop is nestled in the Container Yard of the DTLA Arts District and offers plants, planters, accessories and gifts. The store offers curbside pickup and private shopping appointments that can be booked 24 hours in advance.

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