Plant nurseries A boom was seen in According to, 2020 sales Nursery Management’s State of the Industry survey. It is more than It was likely that people were trapped inside, trying to beautify the space. Those who have managed to keep their plants alive may be looking for more. “What was busy last year is twice as busy this year,” Scott Adam, owner Fractal Cactus in southeast Minneapolis, sells cacti and other plant products. 

If you’re looking for plants to either start or grow your collection, the following are great places to check out in the Twin Cities.

Mother Earth Gardens

Mother Earth Gardens is a great place for houseplants and outdoor annuals. They also grow perennials. They are experts in organic gardening. gardening we are committed to sustainability, eco-friendly products, and a wide selection of native plants in Twin Cities retail. garden the centers.
Mother Earth Gardens are located at 2 locations: 2318 NE Lowry Ave. in Minneapolis and 3738 42nd Ave. S. in Minneapolis.

The Greenery

The Greenery is a woman-owned Ojibwe plant shop that supplies tropical leaf. They also offer a variety of services such as repotting, in home and commercial advising, as well as information on biophilia. “our human connection to plants.”
Visit the new Greenery location at
1029 S. Washington Ave. Minneapolis.

Ergo Floral

Ergo, also known as Fleur de Lis in the past, can thrive under many conditions. “Plants grow in certain places in nature, so mimicking that spot and finding a plant that correlates to those conditions is your best success,” co-owner Nicole Pederson says. Ergo floral supplies home goods and floral arrangements, as well as other products.
They are located at 516 Selby Ave. St. Paul.

Fractal Cactus

If you’re looking for a small taste of the southwest, Fractal Cactus has a huge selection of cacti and succulents sourced directly from southwestern states like Arizona. Their shop also houses owner Scott Adam’s amphibians and reptiles.
Book an appointment to browse cacti and visit the shop’s white tree frog, Benni, at 3750 Minnehaha Ave., Minneapolis.

Tangle town Gardens

Tangletown is the place to go for houseplants, container arrangements and more. gardening tools. Tangle town hosts seasonal workshops that include wreath building, succulent workshops and container designs.
The shop is located in Minneapolis at 5353 Nicollet Ave. S.

Mother Co., Plants

Mother Co., Plants refer to themselves as “a Mother Co.” garden the center for indoor plants. Supplying a wide variety of indoor tropical plants, cacti, and rare plants, they’re likely to provide what you’re looking for. Mother Co. specializes exclusively in large plants. “if you want you can special order a 9- to 10-foot tree, and we have 5- to 6-foot plants here in store that you can walk out with today,” says manager Kailer Overman.
Two locations: 2400 N. Second St. in Minneapolis and 162 Dale St. N. St. Paul.

Sunnyside Gardens

Sunnyside Gardens has been home to over 85 year-olds. “go to” For houseplants garden they offer maintenance and home goods. They offer “personalized garden maintenance programs, at-home container design and installation, and full-service landscape design and build.” Sarah Davis, General Manager, challenges everyone “come in and start their first outdoor container-grown vegetable, or start their own blooming pollinator pot” They can also help customers arrange. Davis’s tip for plant parents is to chill out: “Don’t get obsessed with your plants. A lot of errors in indoor gardening happen when people lord over their plants a little too much.”
Visit Sunnyside, 3723 W.44th St., Minneapolis.


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