Gardening season is here, and that means it’s time for new gardening gear! Whether it’s a pair of new gardening gloves, a new hose because the old one leaks, or a brand new shovel so you can plant all those new roses, shrubs and perennials, Amazon is one-stop shopping for all things garden-related. Plus, you have the advantage of reading real reviews, which often include information the product descriptions don’t (such as durability in the real world).

And, as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day approach, keep these products in mind for the men and ladies on your list. If mom and dad love spending time in the yard, they’ll appreciate a new set of tools for all of their outdoor projects. Plenty of these options cost less than $15, so they are budget-friendly. Pair them with a live plant for an extra-thoughtful gift.

The 19 Best Amazon Garden Tools, According to Expert

Ahead, these top-rated garden tools will make every chore in your garden more efficient this year:

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10″ Stainless Steel Garden Trowel

Wilcox All-Pro

Tired of breaking cheap garden trowels? This sturdy stainless steel trowel has a point for digging into tough soils to plant bulbs, weed, or divide perennials. Its one piece design and solid comfort grip will last for years.

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Fiskars Bypass Pruning Shears


This budget-priced pruner holds up to a lot of wear and tear. They’ll cut up to 5/8-inch thick branches and have a lifetime warranty.



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Radius Garden Root Slayer Shovel

Radius Garden

Whether you’re planting a shrub or digging a new garden bed, this carbon steel shovel has a sharp tip and serrated edge to dig through roots and hard-packed soils. The round handle makes it easier to grip.

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Leather Gardening Gloves with Gauntlets

Fir Tree Brand

Do yourself a favor and invest in a decent pair of gardening gloves. These heavy-duty goatskin gloves have gauntlets to protect your arms when pruning shrubs or roses.

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Bully Tools 16-Inch Bow Rake

Bully Tools

This 16-inch bow rake is made of thick 10-gauge steel with a strong fiberglass handle. It’s ideal for smoothing out garden beds, leveling mulch, and dethaching compacted turf.

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Slim Garden Hose

Water Right

If you’re tired of dragging hoses that feel like they weigh 50 pounds around your garden, this lightweight hose with lead-free brass fittings is the answer! It comes in several different lengths and colors and is also drinking water safe if you take an occasional sip from the hose on a hot day!

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Treat yourself to a decent set of garden tools. This 3-piece aluminum set comes with a transplanter with depth markings, cultivator and a trowel.

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Nisaku Weeding & Digging Knife


Now 12% off

Here’s the garden tool you didn’t know you needed: a digging knife that allows you to weed, divide perennials, trim turf, and more. The 7.25-inch knife is made of stainless steel and comes with a wood handle and sheath.

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Fiskars Bypass Lopper


Sometimes you need a little more oomph to get the job done. These sturdy loppers with a long reach trim branches up to 1 1/2 inches in diameter.

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Nitrile-coated Garden Gloves, 2 pairs

Amazing Stuff For You!

Nitrile gloves keep your hands protected but still allow manual dexterity while performing chores such as weeding or pruning. This set of two comes in three sizes, which is important so you can order the right size for a snug fit.

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Felco Professional Hand Pruners


Loved by the professionals, these hardened steel blade pruners have been made in Switzerland for more than 70 years. Every part can be replaced, making this the last pruners you’ll ever have to buy.

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Rubbermaid Corner Tool Tower Rack


All those garden tools have to go somewhere! Tuck this corner rack into the garage or shed to store up to 30 long-handled tools neatly.

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Garden Kneeling Pad

RED Home Club

Now 16% off

It’s amazing how something so simple can be so helpful. This extra-thick pad saves your knees from pressing onto the hard ground or pavement while you’re working. It comes in two size and ten colors so you can always spot it in the garden.

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Neptune’s Harvest Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer 2-3-1

Neptune’s Harvest

If you’re interested in going organic, many veggie gardeners swear by this fish and seaweed liquid fertilizer. Just be aware that it is a little smelly when you first apply it (and pets tend to be attracted to it!), but the odor fades in a day or two.

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Fiskars Ergo D-handle Steel Garden Fork


Whether you’re turning over the soil in your garden or pitching mulch, this steel garden fork is sturdy but lightweight. The D-shaped handle makes it easier to grip.

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Scotts Broadcast Spreader


This spreader holds up to 15,000 square feet of seed or fertilizer. A special mechanism allows you to block the right side so you aren’t spreading seed or fertilizer where you don’t need it, such as on driveways or walks.

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Rugg Leaf Scoop


Necessary? No. But these scoops help you pick up leaves, grass, and other yard waste in a hurry so you can get your chores done faster.

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1-Gallon Watering Can


This budget-priced watering can, available in two fun colors, can hold just enough water for a few pots. It has a well-balanced feel when full, and the slender spout directs water exactly where you need it without waste.

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CowPots Seed Starting Pots


When you need to start seeds these pots (made from real composted manure!) are the answer. You can plant the entire thing in the garden so you don’t disturb the baby plant’s roots. And don’t worry: They’re not stinky! They come in four sizes.

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