Leaf clearing is one the most tedious tasks. gardening. It is therefore a smart investment to get the best leaf blowers and vacuums.

Why is leaf-clearing so tedious? First, there are the staggering number of leaves that drop every autumn like a clockwork. There is no other way. Their lightness is the second thing that bothers most about tree leaves. It can be very difficult to sweep them up if the broom is unable to see them. Rain can also be a problem. Leaves stick to concrete and paved surfaces when it rains like if they were glued using a gallon EvoStik. Our old friend Mr Wind, who seems like he is timing his strength when we finally clear our driveway.

Clearing leaves from hard surfaces is one thing, but clearing leaves from the lawn can be another. You might be able to rake the leaves, which can actually be beneficial for your lawn, and have some success. You can be sure that there will always be leaves so you’ll end-up crawling around the lawn looking. You are back at square 1.

Leaf clearance can be made easier and quicker with many efficient and time-saving solutions. We are fortunate to have tested a few of these products to find the best.

The Best Leaf Vacuums and Blowers, MANUAL Sweepers, You Can Buy In 2022

(Image credit: Worx)


A master blaster lightweight for all leaf-blowing tasks


Type: Blower
Weight: 1.7kgs
Power source: Battery
Collection bag capacity: N/A


+Light in the hands
+Excellent performance
+Good price


-Variable speed would be even more beneficial

This Worx leaf blower is the perfect choice if you feel that most leaf blowers are too heavy or ungainly to use for more than a few minutes. This leaf blower looks almost like a battle prop. Star Wars or even a rocket launcher, the LEAFJET is one of the lightest blowers around (just 1.7kgs) and it’s perfectly balanced, too, which makes it super easy to use without your arm falling off.

The LEAFJET has a brushless motor with air amplifier technology to provide maximum thrust. In high mode it has a top airspeed of 130mph but in most cases you’ll use the standard mode which is plenty powerful enough for most leaf clearance duties. What’s more, you can adjust the airflow for more volume (width) or more speed by sliding the directional thingamajig on the end to one of two positions. The LEAFJET can run on a 4.0Ah PowerShare Battery that should provide up to 15 minutes worth of leaf-dispersal.

This blower is small and lightweight, but it is powerful enough to be used every day. Highly recommended.

(Image credit: Einhell)

2.Worx Electric Trivac

Best 3-in-1 Leaf Vacuum


Type: Vacuum and blower
Weight:8.6 Pounds
Power source: 12060Hz
Collection bag capacity:1 Bushel


+All-in one vacuum, blower, and mulcher
+Simple conversion switch 
+There is no need for additional machinery
+10-gallon reusable bag


-Uncomfortable for larger projects

The Worx Trivac is an a A powerful 3-in-1 blower/vacuum, mulcher and vacuum. It has a conversion switch that allows you to quickly change between functions without having to use separate attachments and tubes. The impeller has an efficiency ratio of 10:1. This model also comes with a 10-gallon, reusable collection bag.

Ryobi OBL1820S on white background

(Image credit: Ryobi)


This is a great option for smaller leaf-blowing jobs


Type: Blower
Weight: 3.6kgs
Power source: Battery
Collection bag capacity: N/A


+Concentrated airflow
+Good price
+Uses the ONE+ Battery System


-It vibrates a bit
-Only one speed setting

If you have a very small amount of money, gardenThis cordless blower is lightweight and powerful. It only has one speed setting and you won’t get much more than about 10 minutes out of a full charge of its 18v battery, but it’s a great performer that uses its narrow, curved, clip-on nozzle to impressive effect.

The Ryobi is light in weight, balanced and powerful enough for moving damp, sticky leaves around paths and dead vegetation around sheds. It’s not quite as noisy as others in this roundup though it does vibrate a bit more, leaving one’s hands tingling after use.

(Image credit: Black & Decker)


The best electric model for sucking and blowing


Type: Vacuum and blower
Weight: 3.7kgs
Power source: Mains
Collection bag capacity: 72L


+Massive, variable air speed
+Huge backpack collection bag
+Low price


-It’s corded

This 2-in-1 corded model is efficient – and noisy – which is hardly surprising given that its wind speed in blowing mode is allegedly a phenomenal 260mph (418kph). The knob located below the handle allows you to adjust the air speed.

The Black & Decker 3000W Blower Vac sucks exceedingly well, and is more efficient at collecting moderate amounts of leaves than the Bosch and Einhell. It’s also well balanced and easy to hold, especially when used with the included shoulder strap. The vacuum tube’s rake attachment makes it easier to collect insubordinate leaves. It also comes with a large 72-litre collection backpack, which is much larger than other brands. However, the changeover process from blower to vac is a faff and involves finding the inverter part you thought you’d left in the shed somewhere but now can’t find.

Aside from that irritating foible, this is a keenly priced and relatively easy-to-use model that’s pretty much all you need for efficient autumnal garden clearance. You will still need to drag a cable behind you.

Kärcher Push Sweeper S 4 Twin leaf vacuum on white background

(Image credit: Kärcher)


A push-along sweeper that can be used for driveways and paths


Type: Path sweeper
Weight: 10.2kgs
Power source: Push
Collection capacity: 20L


+Great choice for hard, flat surfaces
+Cleanse right up to the edge
+Quiet as a field mouse


-It cannot reach into corners

Sweeping leaves, dust and other outdoor detritus from hard surfaces like pathways, driveways, patios and verandas requires some elbow grease and most brooms aren’t the most efficient at gathering everything in up in one sweep. Worse, once you’ve gathered up a pile of it, you then have to reach for the dustpan and brush for a vigorous tidy-up session.

Although sweeping is a first-world problem, sometimes first-world problems need first-world solutions. And I think I may have found one in this Kärcher push sweeper. This simple, but clever product doesn’t have any motorized parts. Instead, pushing it along activates two large innerly spinning brushes that do a remarkable task of flinging leaves or other debris into its 20-litre box.

At around 67cm in width, you would obviously need to sweep debris out of any corners first, but thereafter it’s just a case of pushing it along and being amazed at how efficient it is, especially with leaves, beech nuts, dust and loose gravel. Its brushes can also collect anything that lurks around any edges.

The Kärcher Push Sweeper S 4 Twin weighs 10.2 kilos but it’s very easy to push and you can do it at a fairly brisk pace too. You can actually walk faster to make the front brushes spin, and the more debris you throw into the collection. box.

If you’re in the market for a silent and efficient outdoor hard floor leaf sweeper that performs the task faster than any broom and with less hassle and noise than a leaf vacuum, step right this way and embrace the power of no power at all.

Gardena Leaf and Grass Collector on white background

(Image credit: Gardena)


This push-along lawn sweeping machine is an alternative to a leaf blower.


Type: Lawn sweeper
Weight: 9kgs
Power source: Push
Collection capacity: About 40L


+Clears lawns of leaves
+Surprisingly high performance
+Priced carefully
+Very quiet


-Not so great for pathways and drives
-Bulky to store

Leaf vacuums are great at sucking up leaves on a smaller scale but they’re useless on lawns. You will need a lawnmower with a higher cut setting, or this Gardena push-along sweeper.

How does it work exactly? It’s simple. A row of bristles starts to rotate in reverse. Push it along and you will throw leaves into the large catcher at the rear. The Leaf and Grass Collector isn’t too taxing to assemble though there is a fine line between its brushes either jamming into the lawn or missing it entirely, so some adjustment is necessary for optimum performance.

This thing works despite all odds. I was surprised at how well the thing worked on my leaf-covered lawn. Although stray twigs could jam the brushes, I was still impressed with the results. I then tried it out on the path and although it made some impression, it wasn’t as efficient as the path-specific Kärcher above. Otherwise I’d say this is a worthwhile, albeit bulky, buy for anyone with a leafy lawn that would otherwise be time-consuming to clear using a rake. It’s also a lot quieter than any leaf blower.

Bosch UniversalGardenTidy leaf blower on white background

(Image credit: Bosch)


Another great electric blower/sucker for a budget price


Type: Vacuum and blower
Weight: 4.7kgs
Power source: Mains
Collection bag capacity: 45L


+Excellent performance
+Not too loud


-Pretty heavy
-Cable is annoying

This electric model, from Bavarian house Bosch, blows, sucks, and shreds your leaf-strewn. gardenIt looks neat and tidy. The UniversalGardenTidy’s adjustable air speed ranges from 102mph to a substantial 177mph which is more than enough oomph to shift even the wettest leaves, even when they’re attached limpet-like to paving stones.

Once you’ve blown the leaves into some semblance of order, simply change the narrow blower tube to the wide suction tube and attach the 45-litre collection bag to turn the whole shebang into a powerful vac. As the leaves are sucked though the spinning impeller, they’re shredded into little bits and blown into the collection bag ready for the gardenBin, compost heap, or the flowerbeds

Leaf blower vacuums are known for being noisy. However, this leaf blower vacuum is much quieter than many (as low 99dB when low-speed mode is enabled) which can be a huge plus, especially if your neighbour is a grouchy one.

This 2-in-1 blower vacuum is highly rated by users. They cite its 1,800 watts power and low noise as the main reasons they chose it. There are a few issues, however, such as the stiff plastic-coated cable which is difficult to wind up, and the heavy main unit, especially when the smaller than average collection bag is full. Thankfully, a shoulder strap with padding helps ease the strain.

Despite an anomaly or two, this powerful electric blower vac is an efficient, keenly-priced choice for those who don’t require the freedom of a cordless model.

Stihl SH 56 C-E Petrol Shredder and leaf vacuum on white background

(Image credit: Stihl)


Best petrol-powered leaf vacuum and shredder


Type: Vacuum
Weight: 5.4kgs
Power source: Petrol engine
Collection bag capacity: 45L


+High quality petrol power
+Excellent suckability
+Good for larger properties


-It is a complete pain!
-It can also be noisy
-Bag is smaller than it should be
-It requires petrol

A petrol-powered model such as this Stihl-exclusive, only-for-sale option will benefit owners of larger suburban gardens. At 5.4kgs, it’s a heavier brute than its mains- and battery-powered competitors, and setting it up from new is a bit of a palaver that involves filling the two-stroke engine with a mixture of petrol and oil (or better still Aspen 2), pressing the manual fuel pump nipple and pulling on the starter rope. Actually the starter cord is one of the best things about it because it’s linked to Stihl’s ErgoStart system which reduces the effort required to start it by two thirds.

This magnificently built machine can be used once it is up and running. gardenThe sucker handles leaves and other unsightly waste with ease, even while pretending to be a Harrier jump jet taking flight. However, the 45-litre collection bag is on the smaller side which is odd given that it’s a petrol-powered beast.

Stihl garden toolsThey are widely regarded as among the top and many users report decades of reliability. gardenThe size of Hampstead Heath.


A leaf blower is your first line defense. They can blow leaves into manageable piles despite all the subtleties of a nuclear attack against a window. box. By simply swapping a few pieces, you can transform leaf blowers in leaf suckers.

Leaf blowers that have vacuum attachments are worth the extra money, such as those we’re looking at. They can collect dry leaves (with emphasis placed on dry), mulch them, and then place them in a large softbag that can be hung either under the armpit or across your back. Use a leaf vacuum to remove wet leaves. They can clog your impeller. Then, refuse to shred them into small flakes.

Leaf vacs are heavy and cumbersome to operate. No domestic model can handle large quantities of leaves. This is especially important for those who experience severe New England leaf loss. Leaf vacs are made to collect average domestic leafage and not on an industrial scale. They can also serve to tidy up after a few hedge trimmings.

If there is only one small beech tree, a leaf vac can remove the leaves from your driveway or paths. A leaf vacuum may not work as well if you have large trees. Instead, you can blow leaves into a pile with a standard leaf blower. To collect the leaves in a bag, you can use a Gardena Combisystem Shovel Rake and a LeafVac.

Clearing the lawn of leaves is more labor intensive because large leaves can get stuck to the grass. A standard leaf rake may be worth your time if your lawn is small. A standard leaf blower is your first line of defense if your lawn’s size is too large. After you have made a pile and converted it to the vacuum function then vacuum them up.

There is an alternative way to remove most leaves from lawns. Set the lawnmower for the highest setting. The average lawnmower blade spins at a remarkable speed, cutting the grass. The vortex created by spinning at high speeds may trap grass and leaves on the mower’s grass collector. The fan-shaped device hovers over larger mowers such as the cordless Cobra MX51S80V, or its petrol-powered sibling Cobra MX534SPH. This allows for more grass cuttings to be taken off the ground and forced into a grass collector.

Another option worth considering: the push-along sweeper Although push sweepers like the Patio, Path and Driveway-specific Karcher Pull Wiper S4 Twin and Lawn-specific Gardena Leaf and Grass Collector we reviewed may seem like gimmicks because they lack motorized parts, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how efficient they are in leaf collection and general outdoor sweeping.


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