It’s no secret that gardening Made a serious comeback for 2020. In a year unlike any other, we spent most of our time at home. gardening presented the perfect, practical excuse to get outside—even if it was only to the backyard. We raised vegetables, nurtured green thumbs and felt the relief that comes from getting our hands dirty. And now, one year later, we’re returning to the soil for planting season to start the process all over again.

Whether or not you’ve already joined in on the grand tradition of gardening, there’s no time like the present to start. Buying produce at the grocery store is all well and good, but if you’ve had the chance to grow your own, you know there’s nothing quite like the taste of fresh, well-cared-for veggies. It doesn’t get much more farm-to-table than that. With a little bit of elbow grease and some time, you can now make these dishes. garden tools, here’s how to create the best raised garden You can make your own beds

American food culture is heavily focused on its dairy and meat consumption. However, the farm to table movement has made significant strides in bringing vegetables back into the spotlight over the past decade. And in spring 2020, when some food items became scarce and folks were suddenly spending a lot more time at home, fresh produce—including those from backyard vegetable gardens—became that much more important.

While the majority of Americans didn’t have the capacity or expertise to become fully self-sufficient, building raised garden Most people could afford beds. One of the most rewarding and accessible hobbies of 2020 (and 2021), was also one that was most popular. It allowed people from all walks of the county to grow and nurture their own food and spend more time outside feeling productive. This is the true gift. gardening: Even if you only harvest a few carrots, or your flowers don’t all bloom, you still get to witness and partake in the most literal—and rewarding—version of reaping what you sow. So whether you’re a novice gardener or an old farm hand looking to learn some new tricks, we’ve compiled this elevated garden bed guide to help you grow your skillset—along with a tasty bounty.

If you need wood garden Search for cedar beds

Wood garden beds are probably the most classic style you can buy, and they’ve stood the test of time for good reason: They look great, they blend in with the natural environment, and you can trust that they won’t poison or otherwise damage your crops. It’s important, however, to choose the right kind of wood when building a garden bed Because wood is susceptible to rot, it’s best to avoid. While pine is one of the cheapest options available, depending on where you live it won’t last you more than a handful of years before starting to crumble. A cedar raised garden bed The best, but most expensive, option for a piece of wood is. garden bed.

Best wood garden bed: Boldly Growing Cedar Raised Garden Bed Kit

The structure of a wooden square garden bed and a black cover from the inside, all in a square shape.

Stylish, organic design

This wood garden bed will blend in beautifully with the natural environment and, because it’s made of cedar, you can almost guarantee it’s built to last. Boldly Growing

This cedar raised garden bed Kit contains everything you need to get your vegetable garden going. Prepare for premium cedar, no splinters and easy assembly. And, most importantly, years after years of abundant vegetables.

Plastic is a great, non-permanent option

Wood is the best option for a permanent solution. raised garden Plastic is the best choice for temporary beds. For folks who are renting, moving soon, or just generally indecisive about where to plant their gardens, plastic wins: It’s lightweight, easy to move around, and super affordable, especially compared to wood.

There are some downsides to plastic. It won’t keep its shape as well as wood and might bend or snap under pressure. But it’s cheap to replace broken boxes If you are unsure of where or when to move, garden Beds, plastic might be the right material to elevate your bed garden bed.

Best plastic garden beds: The Lakeside Collection Raised Garden Bed Set

A woman taking care of her garden and flowers set in a square garden bed.

Affordable and light weight

This is extremely easy to assemble garden bed The panels are made of plastic and lock in place. It takes only minutes to set up. The Lakeside Collection

This plastic is convenient and easy to use garden bed It can be placed almost anywhere you like. You can create many different shapes and designs by using the separate plastic panels.

Durability is crucial

Metal garden boxes are by far the most durable: They’re nearly unbreakable, unlike plastic, and they won’t rot, unlike wood. It’s not a flawless material, though; metal can obviously rust, and it’s both heavy and fairly expensive. Metal is a great choice if you live in an area that needs extra protection from the elements or want a stronger material. raised garden bed.

Best metal garden beds: Galvanized Raised Garden Beds

A grey garden structure and it is full of green flowers in it.

Rust-Resistant Metal

This is galvanized steel garden bedThe metal is protected for long-term use by an anti-rust finish. FOYUEE

When it comes down to garden beds, using a material that’s eco-friendly is key, otherwise you risk damaging your plants. This galvanized material is a great option. garden bedIt will protect your plants from the elements year after year, without causing any damage to your crop.

Raised gardenThere are many sizes and shapes of beds available.

If you don’t have much in the way of outdoor space, building a raised garden bedThis is a great alternative. Garden boxes come in all shapes and sizes, and there’s no harm in keeping things small. Maybe you don’t have a backyard, per se, but do you have a balcony, fire escape, front porch, windowsill, or rooftop? Look around to find a creative alternative space. Simply find a garden bed that works with what you’ve got. Sometimes a little creativity can make a big difference.

Best small garden beds: Raised Metal Garden Planter Box

A gray garden bed structure in the shape of a four-legged table, full of green flowers.

Mini Yet Mighty

This planter is small in footprint but large in container. boxIdeal for gardeners with limited space. Progard

This planter is galvanized and made from rust-resistant steel boxOn par with our previous selection of raisedMetal garden bed, but with a twist: it’s tiny enough to fit in a limited space. This model features a built in drainage system and weather-resistant stainless steel. bedIt could be the perfect place to grow a healthy crop of vegetables, herbs, or flowers.

Three cheers to tiers

This one’s for the folks who can’t resist doing things just a little bit differently. If you have the space—and a love of smart design—consider veering off course and opting for a tiered garden bed. These babies can store twice or three times the number of vegetables than the traditional one-level bed. Additionally, they are easy to separate for those who want individual beds. It should come as no surprise that they cost more, but if you’re an ambitious gardener with a long veggie wish list, it might be worth the investment.

Best tiered garden beds: YAHEETECH Three-tier Raised Garden Bed

A wooden garden bed structure in the shape of three steps and it is full of green flowers in it.

Customizable Design

This modular design makes it easy to use. garden bedDelivers the best of both. YAHEETECH

Are you ready to start your micro-farm business? Connect each garden bed tier using the built-in plugs, and you’re ready to go. Additional bonus: Each bedIt is made 100-percent of fir planks. This ensures its durability as well as quality. You can stack the beds to create a tiered arrangement, but you can also easily separate them to make three separate beds.

Fabric is very affordable

Starting any project can be intimidating when you look at your budget and realize that it’s, well, small. But not to worry: Vegetables don’t discriminate, and there’s no problem with DIY setups or alternative materials that won’t break the bank. Consider fabric, for example. gardenBetts. Fabric might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re hunting for a durable, long-lasting garden box. Contrary to popular belief, some fabrics are strong enough to protect your plants and serve as adequate cover. gardenBetting. Obviously, you’re not going to get the years-long guarantee that you might get from some other materials, but what this option lacks in longevity, it certainly makes up for in price.

Best raised garden beds under $15: Apipi Two-pack Raised Garden Planter Fabric Bed

Two products of garden green color and each of them in a square shape with four divisions inside them.

Weather Resistant and Waterproof

This plastic fabric can protect your seedlings from cold and heat. Apipi

The award for lightest and most affordable garden bedFabrics are clearly preferred. This two-pack includes four pieces. Simply unfold each piece, fill each square in dirt, and then start planting. It’s that easy.

Raised garden FAQ about beds:

How deep should an elevated level be? garden bedWhat is it?

When asking this question, the most important thing to remember is the ground beneath you garden bed. Is it soil? Or grass? Or is it less conducive to growth? The former doesn’t require much more than tilling and fresh soil, but the latter likely needs around three feet of depth in order to give your plants enough room to fully grow.

How do you choose the right product? raised garden bed?

Selecting the right raised garden bed for you means considering a number of factors: for example, the environment in which you live, the money you’re willing to spend, and how many seasons you expect to use the garden box once it’s built. It might be helpful to decide the material you prefer before moving on.

What is the best size of a bottle? raised vegetable bed?

There’s a simple correlation between size and harvest here: The bigger the vegetable garden The more vegetables you can grow, the better. Before you begin to build your garden bed Start with your list of vegetables. Next, calculate how much space each kind of plant requires, and then size your bed accordingly so that everything can grow.

Similar: You have a garden Are you looking for a hose? You can also get an outdoor misting fan to stay cool. gardening.

The final word on building the greatest. raised garden bed

A vegetable garden can be a nursery for new life garden Or flower box It’s a true pleasure. You will find a way to reconnect with nature, a new appreciation for food, and a way to get dirty with the best. raised garden You can also buy beds. You might surprise yourself—and your tastebuds, too.


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