Many nightclubs in Cork have their ticket systems up and running before this weekend.

It was announced that all clubs and places will need book systems to help with contract tracing.

Dance licence holders have had a tough job. The landscape has changed so quickly that many are scrambling for dance licenses.

They are also being bombarded by calls from hip-shakers eager to get inside.

Most portals will go live on Thursday. If they aren’t, we’ll insert a link that links to their websites.

We owe them a huge thank you for their hard work to make these systems possible in such a short amount of time.

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden is one of Cork’s favourite nightclubs

The outdoor venue is one of two bars located above Rearden’s. A DJ will be playing the music and tickets can be purchased. Here.

The Hidden Attic

The Hidden Attic

The Hidden Attic

Rearden’s other popular part is that they’ve done some great shows and will be operating a nightclub. Here.

The Oliver Plunkett

The Oliver Plunkett will be open for outdoor sit-downs on June 7th

On June 7, the Oliver Plunkett will open for outdoor sit downs

The downstairs bar will operate as a regular pub with seating. The upstairs bar will operate as a club.

Take a look Here.

Crane Lane

Crane Lane

Crane Lane

The Jazz enjoyed a huge return to the famous venue for live music. They have some amazing stuff planned, but no plans for tickets. Keep an eye out for their updates Facebook is here for the latest.

Voodoo Rooms

Popscene and Voodoo

Popscene and Voodoo

The Mexican-themed rooftop bar has been one the most popular spots in town since lockdown.

They say they cannot open as a club this weekend (Halloween), but will be operating as late bars.

They say you can shuffle from your seat and they’ll have the system in place for bringing the dancefloor back for the first weekend in November

Entry is by walk-in only this week. However, judging from their summer nights, the craic will be almost unreal.

Check their Insta account for more information about when they’ll return. Here.


Chambers on Washington St

Chambers on Washington St

This weekend, Cork’s LGBT-friendly bar will host a rocking dancefloor. Take a look Here.


Reardens’ team has yet to disclose how they will run their famous bar.

The spot has been split with these rules and is now in a bit a identity crisis. It’s both a place to relax and winddown and a venue for dancing with great bands and DJs.

A ticket is required for regulars who want to go in to watch a match and then stay for a few more pints. These are the annoying questions the pub has to answer and we don’t envy them.

You can follow their Instagram to see the latest updates Here.

Keep an eye out at other places

Tickets for the Old Oak show at Cyprus Avenue are available at the gig spot, Cyprus Avenue

Grand Central – This club is expanding and hopes to be back by Christmas with their banging tunes

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