Police in New Hampshire searched the gardenHarmony Montgomery, seven years old, lived in the same home as her father before her disappearance in 2019. This disappearance was only reported last week.

Investigators erected tents and spread out tarps in the backyard of the house on Gilford Street, Manchester, on Sunday.

An aerial photo shows a crime scene processing van parked in the driveway of the home which was previously owned by Harmony’s father, Adam Montgomery.  

It is not clear what evidence, if any, detectives have found. DailyMail.com reached Manchester Police Department on Tuesday for comment and is still waiting for a reply. 

The search was launched just days after Harmony disappeared, more than two decades after her last sighting.

Crystal Sorey, her mother, posted on Facebook that she had filed dozens upon dozens of allegations of abuse and neglect while her daughter remained in the custody of her father. 

31-year-old Sorey lashed out at online “bullies” in a series posts. These posts have since been deleted. She claimed that her previous reports of alleged wrongdoing were ignored and she called the police to report it. She then wrote a letter to the mayor.

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This aerial photo shows police in Manchester, New Hampshire searching the backyard of 77 Gilford Street on Sunday, as part of an investigation into Harmony Montgomery’s disappearance at seven years old

Harmony, right, pictured with her younger brother, Jamison, was last seen in October 2019, but she was reported missing only in December 2021

Harmony, right, is pictured with Jamison, her younger brother. She was last seen October 2019, but was reported missing in December 2021.

Harmony was described as four-feet tall and weighs 50-pounds. She has blonde hair, blue eyes and wears glasses because she is blind in her right eye

Harmony is described as being four-foot tall and 50-pounds. Because she is blind in her right eye, Harmony has blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears glasses.

The mother-of-three also argued that the New Hampshire Department of Children Youth and Their Families (DCYF) ‘failed’ her daughter. 

‘Myself and her family have filed dozens upon dozens of reports regarding abuse & neglect. Nothing was done until I called the police & wrote a letter for the NH mayor . Sorey wrote all capital letters. “This is all that I will say until I am allowed cuz [sic]I won’t hinder my daughters [sic] investigation!!!!!’ 

Sorey also advised people not to forget about Harmony’s biological father Adam Montgomery. 

Montgomery has not been charged with any wrongdoing. He has not made any public statements regarding his daughter.  

Sorey was furious at the negative comments about her drug use history, writing: “My daughter is missing & this ppl are focusing upon!” Throwing my history on the front street and trying not to care! 

She said: “I’m calling all my guardian Angels to surround my child & keep her safe, and bring her home to myself & her brothers.” 

It has been revealed that Harmony has a 5-year-old brother, Jamison, and that both siblings were raised in foster care before Harmony was adopted by a Boston reporter and his wife.

Harmony's mother, Crystal Sorey (left), claimed she had filed dozens of abuse and neglect reports involving her daughter prior to her disappearance

Crystal Sorey (left), Harmony’s mother claimed she had filed dozens abuse and neglect reports regarding her daughter prior to her disappearance 

Sorey, 31, claimed she was the one who ultimately raised the alarm about Harmony, sparking the police investigation

Sorey, 31 years old, claimed that she was the one who finally raisedThe police were alerted to Harmony’s alarm and launched an investigation 

Blair Miller, a Washington DC correspondent working with Boston 25, has three sons adopted, Jamison and Jamison being the youngest. He was adopted in 2019. 

Miller stated that Jamison was close to his older sister. He often spoke of Jamison, even as recently as weeks ago when he mistook Harmony for a girl in the park. 

Miller said that he has been in touch Jamison and Harmony’s mother, Crystal Sorey. However, they have been asking her for help in getting in touch.  

Miller stated that Jonathan and he were always open to the possibility for Harmony to be adopted to make Jamison feel happy. But, he said that they were told by New Hampshire social workers that Harmony had been reunited from her biological father, Adam Montgomery. 

Harmony has a younger brother, Jamison, 5 Jamison was adopted in 2019 by Boston 25 reporter Blair Miller (pictured together, and his husband

Harmony has a younger sister, Jamison, 5 years old, who was adopted in 2019 from Boston 25 reporter Blair Miller (pictured with his husband). 

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Jamison (youngest boy in the photo) now lives with her adoptive parents and two step-brothers

Jamison, the youngest boy in this photo, now lives with her adoptive parent and two stepbrothers

He said, “We kind of let it play out, and there was nothing we could do.” Boston 25. “It’s upsetting to hear that nobody knows where she is at the moment.  

Police Chief Allen Aldenberg announced Monday at a conference that Harmony had been last seen at a Manchester home in October 2019, when Harmony was 5. 

Aldenberg said police are operating under the assumption that Harmony is alive, ‘until somebody shows me something that she’s not.’

When asked why it took so much time for her to be reported as missing, he replied that it was because of this.

“If there was a flaw, where was it and how are you going to fix it?” Aldenberg said this after refusing further questions about the DCYF’s conversations with police officers.

Miller said he has been in contact with Sorey about her daughter, Harmony The girl spent her early years in foster care with her brother

Miller said that he was in touch with Sorey (left), about Harmony. The little girl was raised in foster care by her brother. 

Aldenberg claimed that police are in touch with her relatives, but he refused to reveal which family members. 

“Manchester police were made aware of this this week by I know people will say it.” “Well here it is 2021, almost 2022, and nobody has seen this young girl since late October 2019. So what has happened in the last few years?” Fair question.

“That’s why you’re here today. Because we need your help. We need assistance. Aldenberg stated that there are not many answers to the many questions we have.

‘I don’t care if you saw this young girl a year ago and you think it’s irrelevant – call us.’

Manchester police have established a tip line and offered $12,500 for information leading Harmony to return. 

Anyone with ‘legitimate Information’ was asked to text or call 603-203-6060. 

According to the police chief in Massachusetts, Harmony was last enrolled at school in 2019. Detectives aren’t sure in which town.

Harmony’s uncle said to Boston station WBTS, that he reported an incident unspecified involving Harmony back in July or August 2019.

The unnamed uncle refused to reveal any details about the incident.

The five-bedroom, three-bathroom home, built in 1961, where Harmony previously lived with her father

Harmony lived in the three-bedroom, five-bathroom home where her father was born in 1961. 

Police Chief Allen Aldenberg said during a press conference on Monday that police are operating under the assumption that Harmony is alive

Police Chief Allen Aldenberg said during a press conference on Monday that police are operating under the assumption that Harmony is alive

She was last seen in October that year.

Harmony is described at 4 feet tall and 50 lbs. Harmony has blonde hair and blue eyes. She is blind in her right eye and wears glasses. Harmony’s last photographs date back to two years ago.

According to New Hampshire Union leader, Aldenberg confirmed officers searched a house at 77 Gilford Street on Sunday.

Officers arrived at 8.29am and were gone by 2pm. According to the newspaper, drone footage taken from the backyard showed that a tent was set up.

From 2016 to September 5, 2019, the property was owned by Helen Montgomery (78) and Christina Digirolamo (59), according to the Hillsborough County Register of Deeds. 

The 1961-built home with five bedrooms and three bathrooms was purchased by a new buyer in May 2020, for $120,000 

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