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The History of BBQ: A Guide to America’s Favorite Food

There’s something about the smell and taste of smoked meat that brings people together. Perhaps it is a sense of nostalgia, but there’s nothing quite as inviting as a backyard barbecue filled with the sweet aroma of wood smoke from a fire, hot sauce and cold beer.

Image by Rob Owens-Wahl

Barbecue has become an integral part American culture. However, no one group has claimed ownership. There are many stories regarding its history—some based on fact and some based on myth. Learn more about where BBQ originated, the various styles of BBQ from across America, the mustard vs. ketchup debate and regional variations as well as interesting facts about this word. “barbecue” (it isn’t even an American word!).

Image of a BBQ pork.

Image by Rob Owens-Wahl

What is Barbecue?

“Barbecue”Slow cooking is a method of slow cooking meats (typically pork, beef, or poultry) over low heat, often in an outdoor pit. The meat is often cooked until it becomes tender. After that, the heat source is removed or the meat is kept at a low simmer for longer periods. Because the fat from the meat drips off during cooking, fatty cuts are best for barbecue. Barbecue is often served with a sauce. The word barbecue is thought to have originated from the word barbecue. “barbacoa,”This is what it means “basket.”Cooking meat over a slow, low fire is a technique that dates back to the dawn of human civilization. It is a staple in every culture. Styles vary from one region to the next.

Image of BBQ spare ribs.

Image by Rob OwensWahl

Origin of BBQ

Although the origins of barbecue are not known, experts agree that they are the result of many factors. Most people believe that barbecue originated from pork, which is a fatty meat. The unique forests of the South allowed the practice to develop. The South forests were full of oak, which makes great coals for cooking. There were also many pigs in the area, many of which were feral. This was a necessity to feed large numbers of people. This unlikely combination led to barbecue. It is very simple to prepare barbecue. Simply cut the pig into small pieces, hang it on hot coals, then let it cook slowly. The trick is to get the coals hot enough to cook the meat without burning it. The Native Americans gave the idea to the Southern cooks and they built a pit in the ground. They covered the pit in dirt and built a fire. The coals remained lit for hours, while the meat boiled slowly.

Image of a platter of BBQ

Image by Victoria Shes.

Barbecue Recipes from Different Regions

Alabama BBQ:Alabama barbecue uses a dry rub. The dry rub is applied to the meat before cooking. After that, the meat is placed in slow cookers or smokers and cooked at low heat.

Carolina BBQCarolina BBQ is a type of barbecue that uses vinegar-based sauces. The sauce is vinegar-based and the meat can be smoked or roasted.

Eastern North Carolina Barbecue:Eastern North Carolina Barbecue is a type of barbecue that uses vinegar- and red-pepper-based sauces. The sauce is vinegar-based and the meat can be smoked or roasted.

Memphis BBQMemphis barbecue is a style that uses a tomato based sauce. Smoked meat is usually used with indirect heat.

Image of BBQ on the grill.

Image by Z Grills Australia.

Interesting Facts About BBQ and Other Foods ‘Barbeque’

  • BBQ is not an American term. It is actually not a word. BBQ is short for “Barbeque”The short form of, is “Barbecue.”
  • There is a connection between the American Civil War and the development of BBQ. In 1862, Union soldiers were surprised to find that the Southerners’ barbecue was similar to their New England boiled dinners. Southerners were surprised to find that the Union soldiers’ way of roasting meat in a fireplace was similar to their own barbecue.
  • Merriam Webster says that the word “word” is a synonym for “word”. “barbecue”In 1732, the first printed edition was published.
  • Barbecue originated as a cooking technique. This is how people first started to eat meat in this way in the 17th century.
Check out this video about the history and origins of American BBQ! 

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