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Smartphone technology gives us so many options. Smartphone technology allows us to snap a quick picture and instantly identify plants or flowers using an app. It can be difficult to choose the right app. With so many options available for download today, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the choices, making it unclear which is the best for your needs.

To help in your search, we’ve reviewed Garden Answers Plant ID to give you an overview of its features, as well as what’s to like and what could be seen as a drawback.

Keep reading below for our full review, but if you’re in a rush:

While Garden Answers has a fair app layout, their main feature is plant identification. If you are looking for anything else other than that, I would suggest looking elsewhere.”

-The Green Pinky


“Revolutionary plant identification app that instantly identified over 20,000 plants and gives you accurate and detailed information about it.”

  • Available for iOS (through iTunes Store) as well as Android (through Google Play).
  • You can choose to subscribe for a premium or free subscription.
    • The free option allows users the ability to use the automated search as many times as they need.
    • Premium subscription costs $3.99/year to your Apple/Google account.
  • Purchase expert advice for $1.99 per inquiry.

It has been downloaded over 3,000,000 times on both iOS and Android since its 2013 launch.


The point-and-click interface is broken down into six different sections , allowing you quick access to the various features.

The main screen of the garden answers app

Take a photo with your plant

The app’s main feature is easy to navigate, broken down step by step. In a short time, you’ll be well on your way to having answers.

  1. The first step  is to take a photo of the item in question or upload one from your phone’s photo album. It offers suggestions via YouTube video on how to take a good picture in order to help the technology identify the plant. the first step in identifying a platn
  2. Once processed, the screen displays similar photos , allowing you to choose the one that best matches. To view information about care and distinguishing characteristics, tap the individual images. Screenshot of gardens app for review
  3. It then saves the content that it has determined to be a match. “My Answers”Section for later access

Ask a horticulturist

If the image recognition technology doesn’t provide a suitable match to the plant in question, you can pay a one-time fee to ask on-staff horticulture experts to help identify it. Similarly to the plant ID section, it walks you through the process step by step , making it easy to submit a question.

1. TermsAll details regarding the inquiry, including the cost and turn-around time, as well as recommendations to contact Poison Control should there be ingestion.

Screen shot of asking a horticulturist to identify a plant

2. What kind of question is this? Choose “Plant Identification”Or “Disease or Problem”. If you choose to go with the second option, it is recommended that you contact your local Master Gardener association for help.

The second step in asking a horticulturist in the garden answers app

3. Localization. Enter your preferred location, or click on the map for more options.

Garden answers app dropping location is a poor feature

4. Add photos. It’s recommended to upload or take 2 to 3 photos to aid in identification.

Pros and cons of the garden answers app

5. Additional information. This is optional, however it is recommended to help experts identify the problem.

Additional comments in the garden answers app

6. Confirm purchase.

Garden answers app review of its services

After the purchase is complete, an email confirmation pops up. You will also receive a confirmation email shortly after.

After your inquiry has been answered you will receive an email with a notification. If your photo is not identifiable for any reason, you’ll receive a credit to your account.

My Answers

This section contains the information from your expert queries, matched plants or any content that you have made a favourite. You can find everything in sections.

  • Paid Answers
  • Recent
  • Favorites
  • Notifications
  • Plants near me
  • Garden shop

Garden Shop

You can shop from a wide variety of categories by tapping on the Shop icon. Weekly updates include special offers.

You can join the private group if you want to have a chat with a growing, diverse community of US gardeners (5.8K member). “Garden Answers Q&A”Facebook

Plants Near Me

Click on the map or type in a location to open a list of local species.


The Garden Answers is rated quite well with a rating of 3.8 on Google Play and 3.3 on App Store.

After spending some time learning the app and identifying some flowers and houseplants, and asking the experts for advice, the following pros/cons became evident.


  • Brightly colored icons attract your attention to the various features of the app.
  • It’s easy to navigate through the sections. Everything is clearly marked and well laid out.
  • YouTube tutorialsWe will walk you through each feature and show you how to identify your plant immediately.
  • Quick response to all inquiries. A typical response time is 24 hours. However, if there is a delay in answering your questions, you will be sent an email explaining the problem. Surprisingly, I received my response in just over an hour after I submitted a request for identification of a succulent given to me.
  • Asks for your location or a location you’d like to find information for. This helps to narrow down the species that are most likely to be found in specific areas.
  • A comprehensive website is available with an FAQ section that will answer your questions. The advice tab lets you search and find more information to answer commonly asked questions about plants.
  • The free subscription offers a wealth of useful content. The search function returns relevant information from more than 200,000 frequently asked plant questions.


Fair enough, there were a few negative aspects that I noticed when I reviewed the app. They may not be relevant to your needs, but they are worth noting.

  • The app is intended to identify plants; it is not meant to diagnose plant diseases or insect infestations.It directs you to local Master Gardeners if you need assistance diagnosing a problem.
  • There isn’t a clear description of the difference between the free subscription and the premium subscription.The upgraded version claims it offers more information without ads. When using the premium version I couldn’t see a marked difference in access to information, although the ads are gone.


Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty…Garden Answers Plant Identification is a good choice for an easy and quick way to identify a flower or plant.. Its photo recognition technology can instantly identify almost any plant given clear photos are provided, helping you when you’re unsure what plant you have or came across.

The major drawback to the app is it doesn’t allow you to ask experts for diagnostic help. You can search the database to find information on diseases and pests, as well as how to treat them. However you will need a diagnosis for the problem.

If you’re only looking for help identifying plants or flowers, I highly recommend the app. If you’re looking for a tool that identifies plants and helps diagnose problems all in one, you’ll find it to be lacking.

Garden Answers’ website is simple and well-organized. But their main selling point is plant identification. If you’re looking for something more than that, I suggest you look elsewhere. They only provide links to their website for all of their other features. The paid version doesn’t seem to be worth it as it only removes ads.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this review were entirely my own. Garden Answers did not compensate me for this product review. They also did not compensate me for the above-mentioned links.

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