Driving around the neighborhood, you may have noticed little TruGreen flags popping up in people’s yards. These signs used to be more common in the past on large, expensive houses. So, does this mean it’s become an affordable service everybody can afford? Well, here I’m going to break down how much TruGreen costs and explain what their packages include.

What Does TruGreen Cost? (The Short Answer)

A typical 5000 square foot lawn will cost $402 per year for TruGreen’s starter package, the TruMaintenance Plan. This plan includes fertilizer, weed control, and more. The TruSignature plan, which costs $1208 per year, is at the opposite end of the spectrum. This is TruGreen’s top plan and includes fertilizer, seeding, aeration, weed control, grub control, tree care, and shrub care.

The Different TruGreen Services Explained

TruGreen offers a range of packages that cover everything from basic needs to a comprehensive plan. For those who are interested, there’s even an all-natural option. So, let’s have a closer look at what’s included within their different plan options and see what the best option is for your yard.

Soil Testingxxxxx
Lawn fertilizerxxxxx
Lawn Seedingxx
Lawn Aerationxx
Pre-Emergent Weed Managementxxxx
Target Herbicide Treatmentxxxx
Pest Control “Grub”xxx
Tree Carex
Shrub Carex
All Natural x

Now that you can see what each plan includes, let’s take a closer look at what each of the items actually means and what they can do for you.

Soil Testing & Lawn Fertilizer

Fertilizing is a way to give grass the nutrients it needs to grow and look its best. Testing is important as many nutrients are already in the soil. TruGreen will test your soil to determine the best fertilizer and strength for your lawn.

Lawn Seeding & Lawn Aeration

Extra care is required for lawns that want to look thick and healthy. TruGreen offers overseeding services and aeration to eliminate bare spots and help toughen up your lawn.

Pre-Emergent Weed Management

Pre-emergent control is what you need to know if you’ve ever wondered why certain people don’t get weeds. This type of weed control prevents the weeds’ seeds from ever being able to germinate and grow.

Target Herbicide Treatments

If you have lawn weeds that aren’t especially hard to keep under control, then you’ll need target herbicides. These herbicides can be used to target and destroy specific weeds such as the dollar weeds. You’ve probably tried generic herbicides and they don’t work with hardy weeds.

Pest Control

Lawn grubs can be very destructive to grass roots. If you’ve ever been a victim, you’ll know what it is like to eat the roots and kill the grass. If you leave them to continue eating the roots, you’ll soon end up with no lawn. TruGreen offers this service as part of their comprehensive plans.

Tree Care

Trees require special attention in order to be healthy and pest-free. TruGreen provides services to fertilize, control insects, and prevent and treat diseases. They also provide visits specifically for trees.

Shrub Care

As with trees, shrubs also receive their special attention. This includes fertilizer, pest control and disease control.

All Natural

You’ll notice that the All-Natural plan has some items missing. Pesticides and herbicides are made up of non-natural chemicals. So, if you don’t want these kinds of products used in your yard, then TruGreen has a solution.

Factors that may influence the cost of your TruGreen Lawn Treatment Package

Each package plan may not be the same cost for every home, even if they have the same size. TruGreen, like many other companies has overhead costs that can affect the base price. Let’s take a closer look at the factors that may affect the cost of your TruGreen lawn treatment package.

Packages & Extras

TruGreen pricing and plans will first be affected by which services you select for your yard. There are many packages that will suit your yard, your needs and your budget. TruGreen also offers additional services, such as soil pH balancing and termite treatment. Depending on the service you choose, you can increase or decrease your TruGreen cost.


Location, location, location. The old saying “location matters” is true. You’ll be paying a little more if you live in an expensive area, city, or remote area. TruGreen charges a base fee to cover their travel costs to your property. If they have to pay tolls, extra mileage or take extra time to get to your property, they will add this to your fee. But TruGreen has branches in nearly every state, so these costs shouldn’t really make much of a difference.

Design and Size of Your Garden

TruGreen calculates the onsite cost based upon the square footage of your yard. They also look at what you have and what your needs are. So, if you have a bunch of shrubs and trees, you’ll be paying more than someone with just one or two.

Current Health of Your Yard

It’s understandable that the current health of your yard will make a difference in how much your TruGreen service costs a month or how much TruGreen costs per year. TruGreen will need to use additional products if your yard is in poor condition due to disease and grubs.

What is TruGreen’s Actual Cost to Purchase? A 5000 square foot average.

TruGreen estimates the cost of a typical 5000-square-foot yard, including the average amount of trees and shrubs. Below is a table that details the costs for each package. Let’s take a closer look at the numbers.

TruGreen Treatment ProgramsA typical 5,000-square-foot yard
Tru-MaintenanceTotal Cost: $402

$37 First Treatment
$73 Treatments 2-6
Total Treatments = 6

Tru-Health$475 Total Cost

$37 First Treatment
$73 Treatments 2-7
Total Treatments = 7

Tru-CompleteTotal Cost $745

$37 First Treatment
$73 Treatments 2-7
$270 Overseeding, & Aeration
Total Treatments = 8.

Tru-Signature$1208 Total Cost

$37 First Treatment
$73 Treatments 2-7
$270 Overseeding, & Aeration
$50 Trees & Shrubs as the First Treatment
$69 Trees & Shrubs treatments 2-7
Total Treatments = 15.

Tru-NaturalTotal Cost: $402

$77 First Treatment
$155 Treatments for 2-5
Total Treatments = 5

What about a larger lawn? A minimum of 20,000 square feet.

I have compiled a table for larger yards. It can be used for either a 20,000-square foot yard or a half-acre. Let’s have a look at the cost for bigger yards. These are only estimates. Prices will vary depending upon the factors we have looked at.

TruGreen Treatment ProgramsTypical Yard of 20,000 Square Feet
Tru-Maintenance$884 Total

$68 First Treatment
$136 Treatments 2-6
Total Treatments = 6

Tru-HealthTotal Cost: $1020

$68 First Treatment
$136 Treatments 2-7
Total Treatments = 7

Tru-CompleteTotal Cost $1636

$68 First Treatment
$136 Treatments 2-7
$752 Overseeding and Aeration
Total Treatments = 8.

Tru-Signature$2184 Total Cost

$68 First Treatment
$136 Treatments 2-7
$752 Overseeding and Aeration
$50 Trees & Shrubs First Treatment
$83 Trees & Shrubs Treatments 2-7
Total Treatments = 15.

Tru-NaturalTotal Cost: $1283

$142 First Treatment
$285 Treatments 2-5
Total Treatments = 5

How TruGreen compares to other options

Now, TruGreen isn’t the only option for professional lawn care providers. You’ll find contractors of all different services ranging from small one-person outfits all the way up to national competitors to TruGreen. TruGreen is the most trusted provider and this is for good reason.

I’d say that the main consideration should be what a DIY solution can achieve compared to a professional plan. From my experience, the most important difference is the range of products, knowledge and equipment. I’m pretty sure most homeowners don’t have the same access to the quality of items a professional service offers. If you want the best results possible for your yard, a professional solution is better than DIY. Just be aware that it’ll cost considerably more than in you attempted to do the same work yourself.

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