Simpli Home’s Amazon listings include its solid-wood and metal sawhorse selection.

TUMWATER, Wash. — For a company like SimpliHome, which has been positioned as a high quality, direct-to consumer furniture business, has partnered up with AmazonEight years ago, that meant being on the ground floor in a category worth an estimated $11.2 million for the retailing titan.

From starting with some solid wood RTA products to 1,200 SKUs today in case goods, accent furniture, upholstery, patio, rugs and more, Simpli Home’s Yoram Weinreich found a formula that works on Amazon for getting visibility and sales in a channel that is becoming exceedingly more crowded.

Yoram Weinreich

According to metrics supplied YipitData, Simpli Home sold nearly 15,000 units on Amazon for the month ended Dec. 1, 2021, putting it ahead of Amazon’s own brands Rivet and Stone & Beam, although behind furniture powerhouse Ashley.

Simpli Home saw multiple months of above 10,000 unit sales in 2021. Simpli Home also had a gross merchandise value (GMV), exceeding $3 million for the period ending Dec. 1, 2021.

GMV and unit have been tempered in the wake of the furniture selling frenzy of 2021. However, Weinreich, co-president of company with Erez, sees momentum from the successful Prime Days event this summer. He is equally excited about the next Prime Day in Oct.

Erez Weinreich

His optimism can be attributed many of the techniques the company has developed over its time working with Amazon. These include advertising and analytics, working with an Amazon buyer, developing attractive visuals, and writing effective content.

As an early entrant in Amazon’s furniture business, Simpli Home benefited from its top search position in a lot of categories, Weinreich said, which helped the brand gain traction.

However, Amazon’s introduction of more international vendors, specifically companies from China, has made the marketplace more jam-packed, especially at the lower end.

You will face more competition if your products are basic. It’s a fight for the bottom,” Weinreich said. “It’s easy to make bottom-level stuff, but I don’t want to fight for the bottom even if there is demand. Our goal is to sell midlevel-to-high-level product at mid-level pricing.

“The challenge on Amazon is to be able to cut through the noise and attract the right customer,”He said.

Selling on Amazon is not only a great way to increase brand exposure but also sales. “non-cash benefits,” said Weinreich, such as data. “We use their business intelligence and ours to get more granular,”He said.

Simpli Home has expanded its product range over the years to include pieces made of metal, leather, and fabrics. Simpli Home’s wood portfolio has also expanded from acacia woods and mango woods, to oak and walnut.

“We want to provide whole home solutions everywhere that has some value,”Weinreich stated that he is interested in adding 300 to 500 SKUs to various categories. “leaning into higher specs.”The company has also expanded its global supply chain, which now includes Vietnam, India Malaysia, China, and most recently Brazil.

Simpli Home was established in 2001. It has annual sales of approximately $400,000 “high eight figures,”Weinreich, who is located near Toronto, is one of the senior staff.

Simpli Home’s products, most of which it designs itself or adapts, can be found at a dozen or more online retailers beyond Amazon ranging from Wayfair and Overstock to Target and Ashley. “Every channel has a different customer,” said Weinreich, “and, at certain times, they are very effective.

“Putting all your eggs in one basket is scary,” he explained when asked why Simpli Home doesn’t sell solely through Amazon, its biggest outlet. “If we cut everyone off, we won’t be as big as we are. We wouldn’t double and triple our business if we just did Amazon.”

He said that the next step was to become a more direct-to consumer player through its website. Simpli Home is a brand. The goal is to grow its online business to 15% to 20% of total volume.

“We’re a well-known, little-known company,”Weinreich joked that Simpli Home is large and strong on many platforms. “where we are sold today, it’s hard to get credit.”

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