Hyundai HYSC1500E




  • High performance 1500W motor delivers exceptional performance
  • 3-in-1 raker, scarifier, and aerator
  • A wide range of heights available.
  • It is easy to maneuver and lightweight
  • Good domestic warranty of 3 years.




  • The 10m power cable is the limit
  • 45 litre grass boxes are never enough



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The Hyundai HYSC1500E 1500W electric scarifier/aerator/lawn rake has a 36cm deck, 45 litre moss bag, and a 1.5 kW motor. It comes with a 15-metre length power cable, five cutting heights, 3 point folding handles, and a 3-year domestic guarantee.

It was great to finally be able to test the Hyundai HYSC1500E. My front lawn needed some TLC. What better way to do that than to use the Hyundai electric lawn scarifier, which will be available in 2022?

It’s one thing to keep your lawn mowed and neat, but what about what lies beneath? Regular raking, scarifying, and aerating your lawn will ensure it stays healthier. Water can drain more easily and soil can absorb more water. ‘breathe.’Scarifying your lawn removes thatch and provides a perfect environment for moss to thrive.

But having the right equipment to allow the grass to be strong, healthy and outcompete the growth of moss and weeds, is a must and while you can do it manually, isn’t life just so much easier when using a powered tool? That’s why I love the Hyundai HYSC1500E electric lawn scarifier, aerator and raker as it makes this type of lawn care super simple. Not to mention that it’s bursting with features to make life even more easy and convenient.

In this Hyundai HYSC1500E review, I’ll be running you through the main features and helping you decide whether this is the right electric tool for you.

Main Features


  • 36cm raking width / scarifying / Aerating
  • 5 heights -3mm to -6mm; -9mm to -12mm; +10mm
  • 45 litre collection bag
  • 10m power cable
  • Weight 11.4kg (13.5kg gross)
  • Foldable handles
  • 1500-watt motor
  • 20 hardened stainless blades
  • 2 drums/blades supplied
  • Padded handles
  • Designed to be used on lawns up 200 sqm



Hyundai 1500W Electric Lawn Scarifier / Aerator / Lawn Rake, 230V | HYSC1500E

The Hyundai HYSC1500E is a great option if you need to effectively remove deep-seated moss and thatch. It will remove even the most stubborn of thatch, and it will go deep to make your lawn healthier. It is worth noting that I used moss and herbicide two weeks before scarifying and raking. This contributed to the effectiveness.

This powerful piece of equipment is powered by a 1500-watt motor. It will get the job done quickly. The Hyundai HYSC1500E is also available in a boosted 1800-watt model. This is a great option for larger gardens. However, it must be said that any lawn larger than 200m² would benefit from a petrol powered scarifier as you are somewhat tethered by the power cord. You can see from my video review that on my 160m² lawn, the power cable was not an issue. I wouldn’t want the power cable to limit my use of the scarifier on my larger lawn.

Blades/Drum System

Two drums are included with the Hyundai HYSC1500E. The scarifying drum is equipped with 20 hardened, steel blades. They are powerful and strong. The second attachment is the raking drum attachment, which has steel tines that are strong and efficient at raking leaves from deep in your lawn.

Both drums are durable and effective. The video again shows how effective they can be and how much moss and other debris is removed with each pass.

Exchanging between the rake and scarifier drums on this Hyundai HYSC1500E couldn’t be simpler. There are no tools required. Simply flip the machine upside down, place the right blade in the slot and tighten it with your hands. Check out my video again to see how simple this process is.

Hyundai HYSC1500E video review

Check out my video review to see the Hyundai HYSC1500E electric scarifier/aerator in action.

Adjustment of Height


One thing I love about the Hyundai HYSC1500E, is its versatility. Regardless of how severe the moss and thatch may be, there’s a height setting to suit your needs. There are five options: -12mm, 9mm, -6mm and -3mm. They can all be changed easily using a single lever on either side of the machine. I set the first pass to -6mm when scarifying my lawn to ensure that it was the right setting for my lawn. You may need to adjust the setting to -12mm if you plan to oversee the lawn.

Many people are curious about the +10mm setting. It will not scarify the lawn or rake it above ground level. This is true. It is designed to be easy to transport on hard surfaces.

Deck Working Width

With its 36cm raking distance, the Hyundai HYSC1500E makes a great choice for small to medium-sized gardens. It’s big enough to get the job done without being so large that it becomes difficult to move around. If you need something smaller, the 32cm version is available. It is perfect for small spaces. What’s more, you still get many of the same features as the 36cm Hyundai HYSC1500E. If on the other hand you have a large lawn over 200m², I would recommend investing in a petrol model such as the Hyundai HYSC210.

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Capacity of the Collection Box

The Hyundai HYSC1500E has an average size collection bag, which is made from fabric and folds flat, it’s lightweight and at 45 litres is adequate for the 36cm deck. However, these boxes are rarely large enough. Many people find it faster to scarify without the boxes and then use a garden rake or leaf blower before disposing of them. It attaches securely to a machine and is easy and quick to empty.

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Hyundai HYSC1500E Practicalities

What caught my attention about the Hyundai HYSC1500E is how well this electric scarifier/raker did at removing moss and thatch from my lawn. It was powerful and easy to use, with excellent results (see video review). This machine will save you hours, if not days, of hard work, and your lawn will definitely benefit from it.

The machine is also very user-friendly. It is easy to use and understand with the easily accessible controls. Even someone who has never used this type equipment before will be able to get to grips quickly. The process of changing the drums or blades is the easiest and fastest I have ever seen.

What’s more, the Hyundai HYSC1500E is fitted with a padded handle so you’ll be extra comfortable when using the machine. When you’re done, the handle folds down making the whole thing easier and more compact to store. There’s even a wall bracket included in the box, so you can mount it on the wall out of the way when it’s not in use.

The Hyundai HYSC1500E has a 10-metre length cable that gives you enough reach to all corners of your garden. This cable is ideal for small areas and may not require an extension cord.

The Hyundai HYSC1500E garden tool is light and compact. At just a little over 13kg, this is a relatively lightweight piece of electrical equipment that won’t see you putting your back out!


You will receive a 3-year domestic guarantee when you buy the Hyundai HYSC1500E. This is typically longer than most which are usually one or two years, so it’s good to know that you have got that added peace of mind should you need it. You can get spare parts and support here in the UK. This gives you more peace of mind.

What’s Included In The Box?


  • HYSC1500E scarifier
  • Collection Bag
  • Scarifying Drum Attachment
  • Raking Drum Attachment
  • User manual


Hyundai HYSC1500E User Manual Download

Click here for the Hyundai HYSC1500E Owner’s Manual

Pros & Cons


  • High performance 1500W motor delivers exceptional performance
  • 3-in-1 raker, scarifier, and aerator
  • A wide range of heights available.
  • It is easy to maneuver and lightweight
  • Great for smaller lawns
  • 2 sturdy steel blades that are easy to replace
  • Good domestic warranty of 3 years.
  • Service, parts and spares readily available in the UK




  • The 10m power cable is the limit
  • A 45 litre grass container is not going to be enough


Should You Buy This Model

Hyundai HYSC1500E Conclusion

The Hyundai HYSC1500E – the perfect tool for anyone new to electric scarifiers / rakes. It’s so user friendly and easy to get to grips with that even a total newbie could use it without a problem. But for people who are already used to this type of equipment, the Hyundai HYSC1500E is still a powerful delight to use and with a diverse range of features, it’s an excellent choice for people who want an effective, quick and efficient way of removing moss and thatch from the lawn.


I’ve been very impressed by the Hyundai HYSC1500E and think that this is something well worth investing in if you want to take the hard work out of maintaining the health and appearance of your lawn. Although you can hire a lawn raker / scarifier, the Hyundai HYSC1500E provides incredible value for money. You should be scarifying your lawn at minimum twice per year. This is why it is so important to have a compact, lightweight machine in your garage or shed. OK, scarifying and aerating isn’t a job you’d do as often as mowing, but it’s something that many people shy away from because manually, it can be extremely hard work and will never achieve the same level of results.

The electric Hyundai HYSC1500E is a joy to use and makes life so much easier. It’s versatile enough for almost any need and is great for small to medium sized lawns. The features and results are outstanding for the price!

Where should I purchase this Hyundai HYSC1500E

Hyundai 1500w Electric Lawn Scarifier / Aerator / Lawn Rake, 230v,...

Hyundai 1500w Electric Lawn Scarifier/Aerator / Lawn Rake 230v


  • Get a healthy green lawn: Revitalise your dull, spongy, patchy grass
  • Fitted with 20 hardened stainless blades: Designed and built to remove moss. Thatch.
  • Powerful 1500W motor: Fast and efficient, with a large 360mm working width
  • It weighs only 11.4kg.
  • Mains-electric powered: Low maintenance and easy use

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