Aerating your lawn is one of the most important things you can do. This is a deep tissue massage for your lawn. It breaks down the soil, creating more oxygen and water. Aerating can be done as often as necessary, since lawns tend get more compacted with time. People with clay soil should aerate their lawn at least once per year.

There are many ways to aerate. Here, I’m going to talk a bit about aerating your lawn with just a pair of special shoes on your feet. What do lawn aerator sneakers do? Let’s dig into it.

What are Lawn Aerator Shoes and How Do They Work?

The idea behind these shoes is that you can aerate your lawn without needing to buy a big piece of equipment that you won’t use all that often. Whether you make a DIY version or buy a pair of lawn aerator shoes, they’re meant to be simple to use and inexpensive. According to the theory, every little spike on the sandal should help loosen soil and allow air and water to flow through the ground.

So…Do Aerator Shoes Really Work?

Well, I’ve tried using lawn aerator shoes once, and I can tell you that I would never use them again. After spending a ton of time walking around my yard I didn’t end up with any kind of noticeable result. I actually found my soil to be harder than it was before I tried the lawn mower shoes. I never noticed any changes in the grass’ health over the course of the rest of the year. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I’m convinced that they won’t work for any lawn.

Is it possible to use aerator footwear? My experience and what I’ve read have told me no. The reason I think aerator shoes don’t work is because they don’t make a big enough impact on the soil. Although you can make small holes in the ground with enough force, it doesn’t remove enough material and leaves no space. Because of this, as you poke a million little holes in your yard you’re really just worsening the issue that you were trying to solve. The topsoil will quickly return back to its original condition and the deeper soil will become compacted more quickly than before.

Are there any pros to wearing aerator shoes?

What Are Lawn Aerator ShoesThere are only a few benefits to wearing aerator shoes. One is that they’re cheap. Although you can make lawn aerator footwear with materials from your backyard, even the factory-made ones are quite affordable. In either case, you will get what you pay.

Aerator shoes also have the advantage of taking up very little space in your garage. If you’re hoping to save some money and some storage space (as I often am) these are some very alluring benefits. However, when it comes to the actual use of aerator shoes and the benefits they offer your lawn, I’m not a fan.

Here are some alternatives I recommend

Do aerator sandals work? No. Are there other options that I would recommend? Yes. Although not all property owners would recommend the same method, I will tell you that a tool that uses hollow tines is the best to properly aerate your lawn. This is much more difficult than repeatedly stabbing the ground with spikes. My suggestions are:

  • Rent or buy a manual lawn plug-aerator.
  • A professional company is the best.
  • If you have an aerator attachment, purchase one.
  • Do it by hand.

Renting is an option, although investing in an aerator may be a good choice if you have enough space. Renting is usually cheaper than buying a high-quality lawn mower.

If you’d like to save a bit of time or can’t transport an aerator, using a professional company works really well. You’ll also have a great opportunity to spread extra seed when you aerate and the pros can be quite helpful with that.

There are some really great aerator attachments available for those with larger yards or riding mowers. These require a lot storage space, but are extremely efficient.

When it comes down to handheld plug aerators, I’d only recommend coring your lawn this way if it’s tiny. It’s no easy task digging up hundreds of lawn cores and you’ll wish you spent a bit more on one of the other options if your yard has much size to it.


To be clear, I wouldn’t recommend anyone trying to use lawn mower shoes. Though you might not be wasting too much money on them, you’ll waste a ton of time and energy. Plus, walking around with big spikes under your feet isn’t exactly the easiest thing to get used to. I’d hate for an innocent garden hose to fall victim to a lawn care gimmick like aerator shoes. The best way to aerate a lawn is with tools that remove cores. This tool does a much better job of clearing out the thatch and improving your grass’ health.

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