Replacing your windows can improve the look of your home as well as increase its energy efficiency. With so many replacement window options on the market, you’ll want to make sure you choose the right windows for your home. Milgard is a great choice if you’re looking for new windows.

Milgard Windows & Doors is one of the biggest names in the window and door industry. The company designs, assembles and delivers its products in the United States. It also serves customers in Canada and the Western part. A Builder Magazine 2021 study found Milgard is the most-used brand of both vinyl and fiberglass windows in the West by U.S. builders, contractors, and developers. The same respondents said Milgard had the highest quality fiberglass windows available in the West.

Milgard Glass Company, a family-owned business, was founded in Tacoma in Washington in 1958. Later, the company expanded its product range to include a variety windows and doors. Milgard, unlike other window companies, makes all its windows and doors from scratch, including the components. This ensures that customers receive consistent quality.

Milgard is a household brand in the West, but homeowners may not be familiar with the brand. This could change in the near future. MI Windows and Doors acquired Milgard in late 2019. This well-known company is based in the eastern and southern regions of the U.S. Milgard plans to expand its market in the country over the next few years.

Milgard Windows – Where to Buy

Milgard windows cannot be purchased directly by homeowners, but they can be purchased through a Milgard dealer or participating home center stores such as The Home Depot. Each installer will have its own ordering and installation process. However, customers can expect the same high quality Milgard products and service no matter where they do business.

On the following page, you can request a free consultation with a Milgard dealer. Milgard website or by calling 1-800-MILGARD.

Milgard Window Types & Sizes

The best Milgard window for your home depends on your location and house style. Two questions should be asked when choosing a window type.

Where is the window going? Certain window types are better suited for certain rooms or home levels than others. Milgard windows are suitable for both new construction as well as replacement windows in existing structures.

What purpose do the windows serve? Do you need privacy windows for your bathroom? Or perhaps a Large picture window that can let in sunlight and allow for an amazing view? Milgard has options that will suit your every need.

Milgard windows come with a variety operating styles and frames. Here’s a quick explanation of each type:

Slider windows let light in and open easily for ventilation, making them a good option for kitchens or areas that look out onto a patio or walkway.

Single-hung windowsThey are also known by sash windows. They can be opened or closed easily by sliding up and down. They are very versatile. Great choice for small rooms, patios, or porches.

Double-hung windows have two operable sashes for superior ventilation. The sashes tilt inwards as well. Simple cleaningThis window type is a good choice for higher-story locations.

Casement windows open outward with a crank handle for ventilation and ease of cleaning.

Awning windows can be opened for ventilation even in a storm because they crank open upward, blocking rain from getting inside the home.

Picture windows don’t open to permit airflow. Rather, they provide a frame—hence the word “picture”—to view the outdoors and let in natural light.

Specialty Windows are custom made so that the homeowner can choose the size, shape, and style they need to fit any style of home. Milgard offers these specialty windows:

Radius windowsThese include half circles, arches, or circles.

Bay and bow Windows that extend an exterior wall for a beautiful, light-filled interior aesthetic and enhanced curb appeal

Jalousie windowsThese feature glass or cedar louvers, which open easily and close tightly.

Garden windows that extend outward from the home to provide a shelf and ventilation for growing indoor plants

Milgard windows are custom-made by Milgard, but there are limits to the sizes they can produce. A Professional window installer can help you measure and select the best window size and style for your home.

Milgard Window Materials

Milgard sells vinyl windows, aluminum windows, and fiberglass windows. Joann Whetstine (senior brand manager at Milgard), stated that 81% of Milgard’s patio and window sales are vinyl products. Here’s a quick overview of each Milgard. Window material:

Vinyl windows are durable and can stand up to moisture, making them a great option for bathrooms. Their insulation properties ensure that they are energy efficient no matter what season. Milgard vinyl Windows are a top-selling product. They are low maintenance and UV resistant, as well as more affordable than other types. Vinyl windows are suitable for all geographical regions. Charles Conkle, CEO of California Window & Solar, calls Milgard’s vinyl windows “a real high-quality vinyl product that has a great price point.”

Aluminum windows have long been a go-to choice for both architects and builders. Milgard aluminum windows are sturdy and lightweight. They can be modified or retrofitted for any place in a house. This window material is low-maintenance and can be used in non-corrosive areas.

Fiberglass windows are a durable option that can stand up to swelling, rotting, and warping. Milgard offers fiberglass windows that can be used in all climates and styles of homes.

Milgard Windows Energy Efficiency

Installation Energy-efficient windows not only lowers your heating and cooling bills, but it can also help protect your furnishings from fading and keep occupants more comfortable each season.

Milgard’s energy-efficient windows are compliant with all local codes as well as green building standards. Thermal tests are conducted regularly by the company to increase energy efficiency and perform well. All windows of Milgard meet or exceed Energy Star U-Factor requirements and Solar Heat Gain Coefficients (SHGC).

Milgard offers a variety optional window features and coatings that can further improve energy efficiency.

Double and triple glazing adds additional panes of glass to single-pane windows for increased insulation.

SunCoat and SunCoatMax Low E glass coatings boost thermal performance by reflecting heat outside in summer and keeping heat inside in cooler months.

Fourth Surface Coatings give dual-pane windows the thermal performance of triple-pane windows.

Spacers help window panes maintain the optimal distance from each other for peak energy efficiency.

Argon and Krypton gas refillers in between window panes help prevent air leakage and improve thermal performance.

Conkle claims that California’s energy laws can be very stringent. Milgard windows might be impressive in other states, but California has strict energy laws. Milgard windows, however, meet all standards in California.

Milgard Windows Product Lines

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“Milgard is probably the biggest name out here,”Kenneth Munoz is a representative of SRC Windows in Tacoma (Washington). “[Even if] people don’t know a thing about windows, they know who Milgard is.”

Customers are attracted to the beautiful windows in the company’s different product lines. Here’s a brief overview of each product line.

Tuscany Series

The Tuscany series is Milgard’s best-in-class vinyl window and its most popular line. Tuscany windows are a premium, elegant design that lasts year after year. Tuscany windows are made of vinyl and have a wider frame than traditional wooden windows. This window style is available with nine exterior frames colors that last a long time and are coated with a special coating that prevents fading. Tuscany windows come with a full lifetime warranty. This includes glass breakage coverage and defect repairs. This window is one of two Milgard lines that offers the exclusive SmartTouch lock featureThis makes it easy for homeowners secure their windows.

Trinsic Series

Vinyl windows from Trinsic offer a wide perspective in a sleek frame, so nothing will get in the way of the outside view. This Milgard window line also features the SmartTouch lock for extra home security. Trinsic windows come with a lifetime warranty. Glass breakage coverage can be added as an upgrade. This is the newest product in Milgard’s Vinyl lineup. It might not be available in all markets.

Style Line

The Milgard vinyl window style lineWith a clean, affordable look, s lives up its nameThe line offers a range of frame colors—seven premium and two standard—so homeowners can achieve the exterior look they want for their home. Vinyl frames resist corrosion so there is no need to worry about painting them again. These windows come with a limited warranty of a lifetime, but customers can opt to upgrade to a lifetime warranty for an additional fee.

Ultra Series

Made from fiberglass to prevent warping and rotting. Ultra windows can stand up to extreme heat, cold, and other harsh weather. They are ideal for coastal areas where there is a high risk of severe storms and wind. There are four options for frame colors, some of which can be matched with the interior frames for an elegant look both inside and out. The Ultra line comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

Thermally-Improved aluminum

Windows starting at the Line of thermally-improved aluminum are made of high-quality aluminum. The result is a window which is both lightweight and extremely durable. These windows are strong and lightweight, but they have narrow frames that allow homeowners to design their own interiors. This line is covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

Milgard Window Installation

Milgard products cannot be purchased directly by customers. However, a Milgard dealer can help you with the window buying and installation process. Dealers can help homeowners find the best windows for their home. They can also advise them on how to adapt the windows to the climate and lifestyle of the area. Many dealers offer installation services or can refer you to a professional installer.

Milgard Window Price

Milgard’s website invites customers to visit it for pricing estimates. request an online quote by providing information such as the nature of the project, the number of windows needed, and the preferred window material type.

Whetstine said that prices will vary depending upon the options and features selected. For example, ​​a home that faces a busy street would need extra glazing to reduce the noise. For homes that have a lot of sun exposure, it may be necessary to add energy-efficient features like glass coatings. These options can be worth the extra comfort and lower energy bills. Customers who are unsure about which Milgard windows will be best for their home can request a consultation.

Milgard window prices are up, as was the case with many home-building supplies and services in the aftermath of the pandemic. Milgard window parts are more expensive because of increased raw material costs. These costs have been passed on to the customer. Conkle states that Milgard has been very professional and proactive in keeping Milgard dealers informed about any price increases.

If homeowners budget for a project, they should expect that installation costs will be almost twice the price of the windows. Depending on the region you live in and how many windows you order, installation costs can vary. It is cheaper to replace all the windows in your house at once than to install a few new windows every year.

Milgard Windows Warranty & Customer Service

“They’re my favorite company,”Ray Morton, founder and CEO of Best Choice Windows in Washington, said this. “When it comes to service, there’s no runaround for [Milgard] customers.”

Milgard offers a Lifetime warranty that includes parts and service for the purchasing homeowner for as long as they continue to reside in the home. The warranty can be transferred to another owner if the homeowner sells the house within 10 years of installing Milgard windows or doors. However, it will expire on the tenth anniversary.

There are exclusions and exceptions to the warranty. Homeowners should carefully read the fine print and ask questions to ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises in the event of service or repair.

Milgard Windows Reviews

More than 38,700 customers have left reviews on the site. Milgard websiteThe average rating for Milgard is 4.6 out 5 stars. On the Better Business Bureau website, Milgard has nearly 1,400 reviews with an average rating of 4.72 out of 5 stars.

Many five-star reviews praise the quality of both products and service. Customers who are satisfied with the service and products received a lifetime warranty that makes it easy to replace or repair windows or doors.

“I bought my windows in 1991. One window failed, and they replaced it free of charge. Service like that is hard to come by,” KBess wrote a five-star review of

John and Diana offer five-star reviews on “Outstanding, prompt, professional, efficient service in replacing 3 windows that had begun to cloud. These were purchased and installed 19 years ago. Milgard’s “Lifetime warranty” means what it says!”

Some customers complained that they had difficulty scheduling appointments due to the long wait. They couldn’t reschedule easily if necessary. This is due to disruptions in the supply chain and services (including installers) that occurred during the pandemic. One contractor stated that custom windows are now available in a 60-plus-day wait, instead of the usual two-week wait.

Both contractors and customers agree that Milgard windows have the best product on the market. Milgard windows will soon be available in more parts of the country as the company expands. This will allow homeowners to appreciate the high-quality windows, outstanding customer service, and the quality windows that Milgard has been offering for over 60 years.

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