Noida: The Gautam Budh Nagar forest department It will give away plants For free from its nurseries from July 4, the day the district will observe a mass plantation drive, to maximise the year’s plantation target. The scheme is available to residential institutions and institutes. free plants Up to July 31 through the relevant development authority in the district

The Uttar Pradesh government had previously set the annual plantation goal for this year at 300 millions across the state. Gautam Budh Nagar is aiming to plant 1,026,955 saplings this Sunday. This year’s drive is to be held on July 4.

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“We have decided to give away free plants from our departmental nurseries to the general public so that they can carry out plantation drives in their localities or high-rise societies. For this, they will have to write a proposal to the respective authority, which will forward the proposal to us, after which the saplings will be provided. We are reaching out to the concerned officials of the authority regarding the same,” said Pramod Kumar Srivastava, divisional forest Gautam Budh Nagar, officer

He said that there are more than 12 lakh saplings at the government. nurseries In the district, around eight lakh saplings were kept in reserve for different departments for the mega-plantation drive. This will be held on Sunday. These include the forest department Plans to plant more than 325,836 saplings Sunday.

Despite this, plants Available from Officials stated that Sunday’s plantation targets were met by them, exceeding the target for GB Nagar mass plantation.

“If we keep all reserves, aside there are over 400,000 saplings of 35 different species that we are offering to the residents of the city. These include Arjun, Jamun, Guava, Kanji, Amla, Pomegranate, Neem, etc. We encourage and urge people to come forward and participate,” Srivastava said, adding. “We have enough stock at our six different nurseries to give away. The initiative is being taken to promote plantation throughout the month and increase the green cover of the city.”

Officials from Noida Authority confirmed that they had received a communication in the meantime from The forest department.

“The forest department’s target is to plant over 300,000 plants. A total of 26 different public departments will be carrying out the drive, of which 19 departments have been given a set target,” Srivastava added.

“Though we have received a letter from the forest department, there is some confusion – if the free plants are only for organisations or residential bodies or for the general public as well. We will have this clarified,” IP Singh, an officer on special duty in health Noida authority.

Last year, the district witnessed a huge plantation drive that saw over 936,000 saplings planted against a target 850,000 lakh. This was done with the assistance of paramilitary and hired staff.

The massive plantation drive in UP was started in 2019 – the first one was held on August 15 – wherein eight lakh saplings were planted through at least 26 different public departments in the district. The goal of the drive is to increase green cover in the state to 15% (36.146 km). By 2021, geographical area from12.09% as at 2019 (29,133.5 km).

Of its Gautam Budh Nagar, which covers a total of 1,282 square kilometers, has 19.99 square km (1.56%). Five dense forests (density 70-40%) are found in the city, and 15 open forests. forest (39%-10% density).

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