“Sometimes bad things happen and we have to figure out how to have the best attitude,”Aaron Pinkus, third-generation owner.

DALLAS — North Haven GardensIn NorthDallas has been around since 1970 and plans to continue for many more years. The long-time resident of Dallas will be celebrating his 70th birthday this week. nursery gardencenter was hit byIts second tornadoIn a span of two years.

“It’s awesome, the power of nature,”Jon Pinkus is a second-generation family member.

Pinkus shared his video surveillance with WFAA from his shop. When the tornado hitThe glass doors opened wide and the wind shuffled many items, shattering glass objects. Pinkus wasn’t in the store at that time, but employees informed him. tornadoIn less than a second, it was done.

“It didn’t sound believable. They said the tornado’s inside the building,” Pinkus said.

AVAILABLE FROM 2019 North Haven GardensFour weeks later, it opens tornado

Aaron Pinkus, third-generation owner, has helped to pick up the pieces and vividly recalls all the hard work involved in building back up after 2019. tornado — a tornadoThis ended the long-standing nursery.

“Part of me is thinking, like, ‘Are the storms chasing me?'”Aaron Pinkus.

Fortunately, the second attempt was not as disastrous. Although they did lose some merchandise the structure is still intact. Surveillance video outside shows that an arch was dismantled in less than a minute. The shade cloth hanging above the plants has been moved a bit, and the fence at the west end of property has been taken down. 

Jon Pinkus stated that the shop should reopen on Tuesday with minor repairs.

“Sometimes bad things happen and we have to figure out how to have the best attitude,”Aaron Pinkus.

This wisdom comes from being around 70-years-old. Mother Nature is many things. But how we respond to her can tell a lot about ourselves.

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