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The headquarters of The Pella Corporation is located in Pella, Iowa. It currently has more than 200 showrooms across North America. According to a 2019 report by the industry trade publication Window + Door, Pella is a billion-dollar business—and once you see the brand’s offerings, you’ll understand why.

Pella Window Types & Sizes

Pella offers a variety of window types and sizes, including conventional styles like single-hung and double-hung windows as well as customization options. Here’s a quick overview on Pella’s window products.

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  • Awning: These windows hinge at the top and swing out from the bottom using a handle. To add more light to a space, they are often mounted higher on a wall (such as above doors).
  • Bay or Bow: Made up of at least three windows that form a curve and jut outward, bay (or bow) windows are typically found in larger rooms, like living and dining rooms.
  • CasementThese windows are hinged on one side and can be opened and closed with a hand crank. These windows are often found in bathrooms and kitchens. Pella points out that casement Windows are very easy to operate and can be fitted well in contemporary homes. The most in-demand designs of the moment.
  • Single-Hung: These windows have a bottom sash that slides up and down and a fixed top sash. This type of traditional window can be found in virtually any room in a home.
  • Double-Hung: These windows feature two operable sashes that move up and down. Due to their ventilation capabilities, they tend to be more prevalent on second and third floor.
  • PictureThese windows have one pane of glass. They offer unobstructed views to the outside, with no grid lines.
  • Sliding: True to their name, these windows slide open horizontally and also offer excellent ventilation in areas like basements.
  • Special Shape: Pella allows you to get creative with shapes, offering octagon, trapezoid, and half elliptical windows, just to name a few.
  • Custom: If standard windows don’t fit your home or style, Pella’s made-to-order products can be customized to suit your specific needs.

Pella windows are available at a variety of sizes. The sizes vary depending on the product and window shape. The Architect Series has an awning window measuring just 17×17 inches, while the Reserve line features windows measuring 6 ft. wide by 12 ft. high.

Pella Window Materials

Pella windows come in three materials: vinyl, fiberglass, or wood.

  • Wood: Wood is a classic window material that’s often found in traditional and historic homes. Wood windows can be customized with modern aesthetics. Pella’s wood window designs offer many customization options. paint colors and stains. They have aluminum cladding at the exterior to protect them against the elements. Pella’s Reserve, Lifestyle, and Architect lines offer wood windows.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass is a strong, durable material that consists of fine, thread-like pieces of glass. Pella claims that its low maintenance fiberglass will not rot or corrode. It doesn’t even need to be repainted or refinished. The windows can withstand extreme heat up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit and sub-zero temperatures. Pella’s Impervia series offers fiberglass windows.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl is a durable synthetic plastic polymer that typically costs less than other window materials. Vinyl windows from Pella are made for areas that are subject to severe weather phenomena like hurricanes. The Hurricane Shield Series by Pella is approved for use within High Velocity Hurricane Zones. It meets or exceeds Florida’s strictest construction codes. Vinyl windows are available in Pella’s Encompass and Hurricane Shield lines, Defender, 250 Series, as well as the 250 Series.

Pella Windows’ Energy Efficiency

Windows account Heat loss can be anywhere from 25-30%You can lower your utility bills by installing energy-efficient windows. This will also make your home more eco-friendly.

All Pella windows are energy-efficient and the company is an Energy Star Partner. This means that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has recognized Pella products as cost-savings and good for the environment.

The brand also has a number of energy-saving window glass offerings, including:

  • Advanced Low-E Insulating glass with Argon: Two glass panes that block 84% of the sun’s UV rays (recommended for many U.S. climates).
  • AdvancedComfort Low Energy Insulating Glass with Argon Two glass panes that block out 85% of UV rays from the sun (recommended for Northern U.S.climates).
  • SunDefense Low Energy Insulating Glass with Argon Two panes made of glass that block 94% UV rays are recommended for sunny climates.
  • NaturalSun Low E Insulating Glass with Argon Two panes made of glass that block 69% sun’s UV rays (recommended in cold climates like Alaska and parts Canada).

Pella has eight different window series. Here’s what each window series has to offer.

Architect Series

Available in standard and custom sizes, as well traditional and contemporary designs.

  • Material: Wood
  • Types of windows: Awning, bay (or bow), casement, single-hung, double-hung, and picture


Available in both contemporary and traditional styles.

  • Material: Wood, aluminum-clad wooden
  • Types of windows: Awnings, casement, single-hung or double-hung. Picture, curve top, angle top and corner unit.

Lifestyle Series

These windows meet or exceed Energy Star guidelines for all 50 states. They reduce outside noise and are a great choice for homeowners who live near highways and city dwellers.

  • Material: Wood
  • Types of windows: Awning, casement, double-hung, and picture


Pella’s fiberglass window lines are low-maintenance and durable (it can withstand severe weather conditions), and they are sleek.

  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Window Types Awning, bay (or bow), casement, single-hung, double-hung, picture, and sliding

Pella 250 Series

The brand claims that its vinyl formula is 52% stronger then ordinary vinyl. Furthermore, the windows in this range can be upgraded to triple pane glass for increased energy efficiency.

  • Material: Vinyl
  • Types of windows: Awnings, casement, single-hung and double-hung, picture, sliding


Encompass, made with high-quality vinyl and resistant to fade, is one of Pella’s most cost-effective lines.

  • Material: Vinyl
  • Window Types Single-hung, doublehung, picture, or sliding

Pella Hurricane Shield Series

These windows are built to withstand hurricanes, extreme coastal temperatures, and are noise-reducing.

  • Material: Vinyl
  • Window Types Awning, casement, single-hung, and sliding

Pella Defender Series

It is designed to withstand all kinds of storms, even hurricanes. The Defender line’s insulated glass blocks 99.7% UV rays.

  • Material: Vinyl
  • Types of windows: Single-hung, doublehung, and sliding

Where to Buy Pella Windows

Pella windows are available for purchase at any of the more than 200 showrooms in the United States.Locate one in your local area), but the products are also Lowe’s and various lumberyards and building suppliers, including ABC Supply, Builders FirstSource, Hammond Lumber, National Lumber, Carter Lumber, and McCoy’s Building Supply.

After you have purchased the windows, you will need to find a contractor who can put them up. Search our local services database for window pros near you, but before you hire a contractor, check that they have experience installing Pella windows specifically.

There are two types.

  • Installation of pocket windows This process replaces the window in the existing frame and takes about an hour per unit. However, the window’s shape and size cannot be changed.
  • Full-frame window installation This process replaces the entire window, frame, and trim. Because it requires extensive work on both the exterior and interior of your home, it tends to be more expensive and take longer than a pocket-window installation. This method allows you to choose a different size or shape of window if you want.

Pella Window Prices

Pella does not provide pricing information on its website. You will need to call to request a quote. However, the cost of windows varies based on size, material and product line. HomeAdvisor notes that the demand for windows has gone up over the past year, making materials more expensive and contributing to longer wait times. It’s best to replace multiple windows at once if possible. In a November 2020 report, HomeAdvisor broke down The average window cost of several Pella lines.

  • Architect Series: $850-$1,500
  • Reserve: $1,000-$1,800
  • Impervia: $250-$600
  • 250 Series: $150-$300
  • Encompass: $100-$300
Pella windows

Pella Windows Warranty & Customer Service

For its wood, fiberglass, and vinyl products, Pella offers limited lifetime warranties—meaning they last for as long as the buyer occupies the home in which the windows were installed. If you purchase the same warranty, you’ll receive the same type. Lowe’s offers Pella windows for purchase.

You should still read the fine print of the warranty. It will be included with your product when you buy it. There are certain restrictions. The warranty will not apply if you modify the window or drill into it.

Pella’s customer support line is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m CST to answer any questions about the brand’s products, services, and warranties.

Pella Window Reviews

Customers are generally satisfied with Pella windows. The company holds an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau and scored decently in a customer satisfaction study conducted by J.D. Powers in 2020 earned 858 out 1000 (one point lower than the industry average).

Pella’s website has a range of reviews ranging from 4 to 4.5 stars out 5 and wood windows are rated higher than fiberglass windows. Here are some recent customer testimonials:

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