It is easier to be prepared for the future. That’s why when it comes to lawnmowers, life is much easier when you know it’s time for yours to be fixed or get a new one. What are the signs that it’s time for a new mower? Ahead are four signs that it’s time to get a new lawnmower before it’s too late. 

You hear a knocking sound

If your engine is knocking, it’s probably time to start shopping. This is usually a sign that your lawnmower’s crankshaft is bent or the rod is broken. Although this can be fixed, it could cost you twice as much to replace your lawnmower. A mower that isn’t properly lubricated could be the cause of a lawnmower making a loud sound. Before you mow, make sure to check the oil level. 

Exhaust smoke is coming out of you

Smoke coming from your exhaust in some cases can be repaired by replacing a head gasket, which usually isn’t too expensive. Sometimes, the rings can become worn, which can cause your engine’s to use too much gas, and score your cylinder. This could be due to your air filter not being maintained or your rings becoming worn. It might be time to change your engine. At that point, you should look for a new mower.

Engine issues

If your engine is out for the count, it’s time for a new lawnmower. A new engine for a riding lawnmower costs twice as much as the mower. But how can you know that you’ve got engine issues before it gets there? If it feels like your engine might be vibrating too heavily, you’ve got an issue. Another sign your engine might be having problems is a bent crankshaft, or a broken rod. If your mower makes a sputtering sound, it may be difficult to start, consumes too much oil or gas, or makes a screeching noise when you turn it on, it is time for it to be checked out.

Your deck is rusted out

Externally, if you have a rusted deck, you’ve lost most of your support and are running the risk of your blades coming off while mowing, among other things. In some cases, the mowing deck on your lawnmower can be the most expensive part of the lawnmower, so this can mean it’s time to find a new lawnmower.

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