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Windows are the eyes of the home—big, bold, and usually the first thing you notice. When it comes to replacement and installation projects, you should reach out to professionals. Simonton Windows has a rich history that goes back to 1946. It’s now part of a larger group of window companies called Cornerstone Building Brands. According to Steve Hoffins (Vice President of Marketing for Simonton Windows), Cornerstone Building Brands is the number one manufacturer in North America of windows. Cornerstone Building Brands also has ReliaBilt which is a sister brand to Simonton and is only available at Lowe’s. Both Simonton as well as ReliaBilt offer a similar range of window styles.

Simonton Windows is headquartered in Cary North Carolina. It is well-known for its vinyl windows and its nationwide distribution capabilities. Hoffins states that Simonton chose not to reveal its unit sales. “Our products satisfy both the design and performance needs for remodel and replacement projects and are available in a wide range of distribution channels, including pro lumber yards, specialty distributors and dealers, home centers, and consumer retail.”

“Window selection is very much influenced by the location and [a home’s] architectural style,”Hoffins. “We find that homeowners shopping for replacement windows typically select more traditional framed double-hung windows [on the East Coast] and contemporary slider windows in the West.” For new construction, single-hung windows are a popular choice, and more and more homeowners are adding black frames, “using windows as a design element both inside and on their home’s exterior,” Notes from Hoffins

Simonton offers a variety window styles, including single-hung, double, single-hung and slider. garden Windows. Here are some terms to help you make an informed decision about your home.

Once you have chosen the perfect window style for your home, it is time to start the design process. Simonton uses a customization model which allows you to tailor your window selections to your needs. You can choose the size of each window, how it will open and close, and even the hardware finishes and colors.”While a majority of Simonton’s sales are white interior and white exterior windows, we do see a trend toward using color on windows,”Hoffins: “and we offer a wide variety of color, hardware, and glass package options to help homeowners customize their windows to fit their style preferences.”

Vinyl is more weather-resistant than wood and fiberglass. Vinyl is basically a synthetic plastic made from chlorine and ethylene. The flame-retardant properties of chlorine make it a good choice for home projects such as windows. Vinyl windows don’t need to be painted regularly and are therefore very low maintenance. Vinyl windows don’t rot or flake like wood windows.

“Simonton focuses solely on manufacturing vinyl windows for both replacement and new construction projects, and our windows are well known for superior quality and exceptional durability,” Hoffins.

Simonton offers the possibility of using a glass with Argon fill and durable spacers between the windows. Low-E glass is not only resistant to ultraviolet rays that can fade furniture, art, and other treasures but also regulates temperature to prevent cold air from entering during winter and escaping in summer. Simonton also offers ProSolar Low E glass which further prevents fading and ProSolar Shade Low E, which has three layers silver to provide greater insulation while still maximising light access.

Simonton employs a simplified process for building its windows. They are manufactured in West Virginia, Illinois and California. Long units of vinyl are cut into slats to make the frame, then fused together—similar to a welding process. The glass and spacers that are between the panes of the glass are prepared, cut and assembled. The actual windows are assembled by combining both the frame and glass through a series if small processes. After that, they are inspected and tested for design and performance. “All Simonton manufactured windows are AAMA Gold certified, which incorporates some of the most stringent testing procedures in the industry,”Hoffins states. These tests look for problems like water and air infiltration.

Simonton has taken steps to ensure that its windows can withstand different weather conditions. “All of our windows and patio doors can be configured to satisfy the requirements for all Energy Star climate zones,” Hoffins. “We also have products with high-performance thermal options that can contribute to net-zero home construction.”

Energy Star is a government-sponsored program that helps you find energy-efficient products or services. “All of our product series can be ordered to meet Energy Star criteria in the various climate zones established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),” Hoffins said. These climate zones are Northern, North-Central and South-Central.

“Additionally, select series in our (Reflections) 5500, Madeira, and (Impressions) 9800 product lines have been designated as 2021 Most Efficient Energy Star products,”He says that he is happy to share his thoughts. These products feature triple-pane windows that combine two insulating air spaces with ProSolar Low E glass, a warm edge spacer, and gas fill to provide exceptional thermal performance. Energy Star-certified windows have been proven to reduce electric bill by an average of 12 percent.

Simonton offers a wide range of window designs and several series for different regions. Each series offers different options in terms of styles, glass, colors and hardware. Simonton has the Reflections, Asure and Impressions series for replacement windows. StormBreaker Plus is for coastal windows. ProFinish is for new construction projects. Prism is a premium window series that is only available through Norandex. It is available for homes in the Eastern region. Verona, Madeira and DaylightMax are the product lines for the Western region. This area includes Arizona and California, Colorado, Idaho. Nevada, New Mexico. Oregon. Utah. Washington. Alaska.

Three product lines are available from Simonton for Eastern region replacement windows. The Reflections series is Simonton’s most popular traditional vinyl product line. It includes 5500 windows as well as 5050 windows. The Reflections 5500 windows have the ability to be customized in color and hardware finishes. It also features advanced glass options for increased soundproofing, as well as higher energy efficiency. The Reflections 5050 windows feature the traditional vinyl frame. The Reflections series includes double-hung and slider windows, picture, casement, awning, and geometric. gardenSliding patio doors, bow, and bay windows garden doors.

Asure, Simonton’s most narrow frame collection offers stylish replacement windows. These windows are energy efficient, customizable, and have a 5-star rating with customers. This series features double-hung, picture, slider, and geometric windows. The standard colors are white and tan. You can customize the sliding patio doors with six different hardware finishes.

The Impressions 9800 series offers the best compromise between classic wood windows and the safety of vinyl. These replacement windows are a great option for Simonton because they have the look of wood and the durability of vinyl. This premium series includes double hung, casement and 2-lite slider sliders, 3-lite sliders, awnings, picture geometric, bay, bow, and bay windows. Impressions can be customized with 13 interior, exterior and hardware options.

All coastal homeowners are invited to apply. StormBreaker Plus products are hurricane-rated. That means both the frames and the glass are impact-resistant against high winds as well any flying debris. These products are extremely strong and provide noise reduction and security. This line has extensive options for customization with 22 window styles, three door operating styles, multiple configuration options, and 16 design options—including grid patterns, colors, and glass.

ProFinish is used for new construction projects. There are four series in this collection: Brickmould 600, Brickmould 300, ProFinish Contractor, and ProFinish Builder.

Brickmould 600 series is also coastal- and impact-resistant and offers the same customization options that the StormBreaker Plus line but with additional options and the appearance of traditional wood. The ProFinish brickmould 300 series has multi-tiered vinyl Windows with an optional flat Casing Trim. It also mimics wood appearance.

The Contractor series and Builder series are the two other series in this product line. The Contractor series is affordable and resistant to leaks. It has a wide variety of customization options for both windows and doors—22 in total. The Builder series includes 17 popular window styles as well as a wide range of glass and color options.

Prism doesn’t appear on the main hub for Simonton Window Series, as it is exclusive through Norandex. Simonton’s premium line of vinyl replacement windows, Prism, features styles such as double-hung slider, casement, and geometric. gardenSliding patio doors, bow, bay, and garden doors. Prism allows you to choose from custom exterior colors and custom interior wood grains. You can also select premium hardware finishes like polished brass and brushed nickel, as well as premium glass and grid options. There are four product lines within this series: Platinum, Ultra Gold and Gold, with Bronze offering the most options and Platinum the fewest.

DaylightMax is a great option for replacing old aluminum windows if you live on the West Coast. The narrow frame is more energy-efficient and allows for up to 40% more sunlight than wide-frame windows. This series has 13 window styles. “limitless” configuration options, four frame choices—bullnose, craftsman, brickmould, and block—as well as an extensive selection of exterior colors, hardware finishes, grid patterns, and glass options.

The Madeira series of vinyl windows is the best option if you are looking for beautiful vinyl windows that look like wood. These classic wide-frame windows are among the most energy-efficient at Simonton. They’re perfect for classic architecture looks. The Madeira line, like all Simonton windows is customizable. You have 14 options for window styles and endless configuration options. There are also many exterior colors, grid patterns, and hardware options.

The Verona window series is the premium narrow frame window for West Coasters. It is both contemporary as well as versatile. The series can be made with either ProSolar Low E glass or ProSolar Shade Low E glass. Both of these options contribute to energy savings. Verona offers 10 styles of windows, 4 grid patterns, 4 frame options, as well as multiple glass and color options.

The two options for installation are DIY or hiring a professional. A professional contractor is the best option. Proper installation can make a difference between windows that last for 20 years and windows that don’t. A Home Depot associate explained that most of the stock in-store is ready to be installed and can be used for DIY projects. Simonton windows are easier to install online than they are in stores. BH&G’s local services database can help you find a contractor who will meet your needs.

Simonton windows

You can order windows from Home Depot directly or from a supplier if you decide to DIY. Keep in mind that there have been delays in manufacturing because of the pandemic. You should allow plenty of time for your products to arrive. “Like all manufacturers, our supply chain has been impacted by the pandemic,”Hoffins: “Additionally, we have also seen homeowners take a significant interest in updating their homes, which has increased demand for building materials and installers. We are working through these challenges and it is something that we are monitoring daily.”

Simonton Windows offers so many customization options, including styles and colors, hardware, glass, or other materials. It is difficult to determine pricing as it changes from one customer to another. Installation is usually the most expensive, and this price will vary depending on where you live. To get a quote, contact a local contractor.

This is a general pricing guide that was created by the Remodeling Calculator for several Simonton series. It will give you an idea of where unit prices might land.

Another thing to remember: Installation often costs more than the actual window unit. A StormBreaker Plus window costs $400 per unit. It may cost $525 to have it installed by a contractor. Simonton doesn’t offer price discounts for bulk orders. Therefore, the price per window will not increase based on the number of windows.

Simonton Windows offers different warranties on each series and for each product line within a particular series. “Simonton offers lifetime and double-lifetime limited warranty coverages on its products (for residential projects),”Hoffins. Generally, this means that the products included in these warranties—the vinyl, hardware, screens, and glass—can be replaced at any point, and many of the warranties are transferable, so if you move, they would extend to the new homeowners.

It is important to carefully read every warranty. Some warranties are described as lifetime warranties (in large font), however, this only applies to vinyl and other elements may only have 10- or 20-year warranties. Simonton also offers a lifetime warranty. “does not cover the product installation, but does make sure that contractors, remodelers, and builders are familiar with [the company’s] recommended installation practices through training,”Hoffins. “Additionally, we always encourage homeowners to investigate the installation professional to make sure they have a solid reputation.”

The average warranty period for multi-residential or commercial projects (such as condos and apartments) is around 10 years. You can register your warranty online. If you have a claim to make, fill out the Simonton warranty request form. To reach customer service, call 1-800-746-6686. Or fill out an online form.

The reviews of the different products in each series vary based on where they are located, what their budget is, and what their specific needs are. Customers were generally satisfied with Simonton’s energy efficiency, product quality and customization options. Others were less satisfied by the warranty coverage and the response time.

Many people have positive comments about the Energy Star partnership and the resulting energy efficiency of Simonton Windows. “We recently had our entire house of windows replaced with Simonton Windows. Cannot believe the difference in how cool our house stays,”Kris from Indiana writes.

Mary from Arizona, who purchased windows in the Impressions series, agreed: “My new energy-efficient windows are fantastic. These new windows replaced my original windows from when I had my house built in 1969. There is a HUGE difference, including how soundproof they are. I no longer hear the noises from outside.”

A 2019 Consumer Reports Test showed that the Simonton Reflections Series 5500 series held up very well against wind resistance. This earned it an “excellent”In testing

Simonton’s products are a selling point for both homeowners and contractors. “I am a window installation professional and I use over 10 different brands of windows. I always find myself coming back to Simonton, though,”Artisan Windows and Doors contractor in Florida. “Their products are fairly priced, very well designed, and excellent quality. My customers are always very happy with them and I am too.”

Other customers love the wide range of customization options and ability to design windows from top to bottom. “Main reason we selected [Simonton] is because we were able to get the color/finish choices we wanted,”Dan is from North Carolina.

“We strive for best-in-class customer service, and we understand that a quick and effective response to customer issues is essential,”Hoffins will respond to customer service complaints and warranty issues. “Just as the pandemic has impacted our supply chain, it also has an impact on our customer service response time. We offer homeowners a variety of tools to find answers to their questions. For example, our website includes a wide variety of trouble-shooting videos to help homeowners understand and solve some of the issues they encounter.”

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