Plants are the best way to brighten up a space.

Whether it’s a small shrub on a shelf, a large fern to fill a corner, or an ivy plant growing through patio rails, a bright green plant makes us feel good and our homes look nicer.

They brighten our moods and make our homes and living spaces more cheerful. Watching them grow and change is therapeutic. It makes buying a plant so much more exciting.

These are 10 amazing shops that sell amazing indoor plants.

Notice:According to provincial regulations, you can order plants now and have them delivered by curbside pick-up.


Located in the heart of Toronto’s Junction neighbourhood, Wildhood has plants and products that fit every budget. This small shop has everything you need: a low-cost plant, a handmade candle or a bouquet of flowers.

Address: 2830 Dundas Street W, Toronto

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This botanical boutique plant shop is a specialist in unusual and high-end tropical plants. Their dedicated team carefully selects every item they bring in and offers new options every week. Their plants are the focal point in any room — which is why Dynasty is the plant shop that supplies the aesthetic vision of OVO.

Address: 1086 1/2 Queen Street W, Toronto
Address: 1250 Dupont Street Toronto

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Stamen and Pistil Botanicals

Stamen and Pistil Botanical have the plants and expertise to decorate any size space, whether it’s a small apartment or large office. Grab a planter or hanging terrarium to bring nature into your space.

Address: 1562 Bloor Street W, Toronto
Phone: 647-351-9999

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Grow Something

Succulents look great in any environment and require little attention. This plant shop is more like a backyard business. People are welcome to visit, browse the plants, and hopefully find what they are looking for.

Address: 53 Sixteenth Street, Etobicoke
Phone: 416-898-77646

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Urban Gardener

Urban Gardener does not care how green your thumb might be. Their goal is to see your plant thrive after you bring it home. Their plants are carefully sourced from Ontario greenhouses. They also love to offer advice on how you can care for them. They provide plant care cards with every order, update their blog with tips and post frequent advice to their Instagram.

Address: 1640 Dupont Street Toronto

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Beech Nursery

The Beech Nursery is always searching for unique and new plants to showcase. They have everything, from tiny succulents that fit in your palm to large palm trees up to 10 feet tall. Their “Take-Out Garden”The program is very popular and allows customers to receive the materials as well as advice to help them start their own flower and plant. garden.

Address: 4 Carlaw Avenue, Toronto
Phone: 416-461-6555

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Chive Plant Shop

Since 2004, this shop has been serving all of Toronto’s planting needs. Their floral arrangements are unique and beautiful. They also have a large selection of ceramic flowers that you can treasure forever. Chive has some of most exciting live plants you can bring into your home like the mini orange tree. But what really sets them apart are their pots. There’s so many detailed and adorable pots, saucers, vases, and more.

Address: 975 College Street Toronto
Phone: 437-777-5021

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Crown Flora

Located in Toronto’s inspiring and artistic Parkdale area, Crown Flora combines their love for florals, plants, and textiles. This award-winning flower shop even has a line of handbags, shirts, and candles with the scents you’d find in their shop, like Herb Garden and Flower Shop.

Address: 1233 Queen Street, Toronto

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Plant Collective

Whatever your needs are, you’re covered at the Plant Collective. They have air purifying plants and succulents, cacti and other soil types to choose from, such as sand or gravel. You can also get accessories like shells and moss to decorate your plants. And if you’d rather build your own creation, they have the extremely fun DIY terrariums that are perfect for bored Sundays, date nights, and fun with the kids.

Address: 1930 Queen Street E, Toronto
Phone: 855-908-2882

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The Poppies Plant of Joy

Poppies wants to help you find calm in your home and home office. Poppies love choosing plants that will create a space that is beautiful and humidifies the air. To help you find your inner joy, check out their extensive collection of local and tropical plants.

Address: 1094 Queen Street, Toronto
Phone: 416-538-2497

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