Selecting the best Above Ground Pool Filter Systems

It is crucial to choose the right swimming pool filter for your above-ground pool.  We have provided some easy steps to help you choose the best Above Ground Pool Filter System for your pool.

It is important to choose the right system in order to avoid potential problems such as malfunctions, ineffective filtering or safety hazards. An above-ground pool’s pump and filtration system are located close to the pool. This allows for a shorter travel time so that your water can pass through your filter before returning to your pool.Sand Filter

When choosing a filter system, keep these things in mind

General Pool Size – small, medium, or large

FirstDetermine the size range for your pool. The size of your pool will determine the size of your filter. A smaller pool will require less filtering, while a larger one will require more.

Filter Type – Sand, Cartridge or DE

Second, find out which filter type you’d prefer. There are three main types available for above ground pools: D.E., cartridge, and sand. There are three main types of above ground pools: sand, cartridge and D.E. Each filter system has its advantages and can filter to different microns.

DE removes particles as small as three microns every time.  A micron is very small – a millionth of a meter.  Cartridge filters work down to 40 microns only when they are working correctly.  Sand filters work around 100 microns right after they are backwashed, and get down to about 75 microns when they are dirty.  Shocking is a chemical oxidation that is done to pools weekly or monthly. It can burn off organics up to two microns.Cartridge Filter

Pool water will accumulate anything greater than two microns over time. It will also build up below 3, 40, or 75 microns depending on the filter.  What happens next?  If you have a sand or cartridge filter, some day, perhaps in a few years, there’s enough of this material in the water to give it a light haze or cloud.  Then you drain the pool, borrow a DE filter for a few days, or start using a clarifier or filter aid on a regular basis.  So why doesn’t everyone just use a DE filter?  Because they are more complicated and more expensive. BUT give you the cleanest, clearest water.

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Cleaner Type – suction side, pressure side, or robotic

Third, know what type of cleaner you’ll be using.  While all cleaners work well in cleaning above-ground pools, they have different power sources.

Suction Side Cleaners – Suction side cleaners are affordable and most commonly used. The pool pump is attached to the plumbing system’s suction side. It draws in dirt and debris. Large amounts of debris or large quantities of debris, like leaves, can clog your filtration system.

Pressure Side Cleaners – Pressure side cleaners conveniently capture their own debris and also help to circulate water and pool chemicals. This is convenient as uncirculated waters can cause problems. “dead zones”Encourages the growth of algae. Pressure side cleaners attach at the return port. Vacuum is designed to be used for pickingClean up dirt and other debris

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Robotic Cleaners – Robotic cleaners run independent of your pool’s pump and filter, collecting debris in a self-contained fine mesh bag.  They clean the same area twice and are the most efficient pool cleaners.D.E. Filter

Your pool’s performance will be greatly affected if you choose the right sizes. Above ground pool pumps range from 1/2-1½ HP and a pump with too much horsepower will create excess water movement.

Things to Keep In Mind

Higher horsepower will increase water flow and water turnover.

A cleaner with a higher horsepower can improve its performance, increasing suction and speed. This could damage your above-ground pool liner.

Anything above 1.5 HP will cause excessive water movement in your pool and push sand inside.

We recommend a 1HP Pump for a standard above-ground pool. This is enough to run cleaners and sanitize the water.

We are happy to help you select the right filter system for you.

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