Olive Garden is famous for a few things. Olive Garden is famous for its endless variety of soups, salads and breadsticks. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end—even those that are supposed to be never-ending. Olive Garden’s new CEO has revealed that they may not be able to bring back their never-ending pasta bowl promotion.

Business InsiderOlive Garden would offer this deal periodically. It includes a bowl full of pasta and endless refills for $10.99. The promotion allowed customers to enjoy unlimited pasta and unlimited breadsticks. You can add meatballs or shrimp to your dish for an extra charge.

The promotion was not reportedly offered since 2019, and Ricardo Cardenas, CEO, said it may not be back.

“We don’t know if or when we’ll bring it back,”He spoke on the phone, citing a “negative impact.”

Business Insider stated that the promotion was successful in attracting customers, but did little to increase the chain’s profit margins. The promotion was basically a hail Mary Olive Garden would use when sales are low. However, sales are up at Olive Garden over pre-COVID-19 levels and ahead of the last time it offered its endless pasta bowl promo.

Olive Garden, to make a long story short, is trying to “reduce dependency”Cardenas says that flashy promotions such as this one are a great way to get people to come in. Don’t worry if you are a fan of the endless salad and breadsticks. Olive Garden will not give up its first course. Phew!

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