You might confuse it for a miniature hypercar at the first glance, but that wouldn’t be your fault… Novabot is easily the sexiest lawnmower I’ve seen in my lifetime. Novabot, a new autonomously-operating lawnmower with security features that can be shared with top sportscars, is designed with automotive cues.

Designer: Caio Mucchiani

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I’ve long proclaimed that the best and most immediate application for self-driving tech is to have it run on autonomous lawnmowers, which are, roughly speaking, just smaller cars. Lawnmowers present the perfect opportunity to develop, test, and refine AI-based driving systems, and that’s precisely what Novabot does, in a car-shaped design no less! The lawnmower comes with a whole slew of sensors on the front and a 360° HD camera on the ‘windshield’This allows the appliance to navigate on your lawn or outside premises. The bot’s homegrown NovaVision™ system allows it to detect and recognize its location, the surface it’s operating on, and objects around it. Without the need of perimeter cables or guides, Novabot can drive around the premises, alternating between grass and land (large offroad tires allow it to work on concrete, brick, pebbles, and even cobblestone paths) and even working on uneven surfaces and inclines, while intelligently avoiding humans, pets, obstacles, fences, and vehicles… and yes, even dog poop.

Novabot can be operated through its native app. It will take care of your lawn by mowing it and patrolling your property. Inside the robot sits Novabot’s brain, its Coremind™ chip, which gives it its strong AI chops, powered by Tesla-grade lithium-ion battery cells that sit in the back. The mower’s wheels are powered by quiet yet high-torque brushless motors that allow Novabot to operate on 45% inclined slopes, and an adjustable blade on the base of the mower lets you choose how tall or short you want your grass chopped. Novabot’s Coremind™ chip allows it to effectively plot out your entire property, determining different lawns, zones, and pathways. It then creates a route and a routine to ensure that your lawns are perfectly mowed. The mower can distinguish between different lawns and allow you to select the desired length. It will also avoid shrubs, flowerbeds, or vegetable plots while on its route. Novabot gets through roughly 1/4th of an acre on a full charge, and will even autonomously head back to its charging dock when it’s running low on power… plus, it’s built to be IPX6 waterproof, which means you can even hose the blades down every couple of days with a garden hose.

You can control how your Novabot works with the app. The app’s 3-step operation allows you to quickly deploy the bot whenever and wherever you need it. You can control different areas within your lawn, as well as define no-go areas. You can create a schedule and outline daily tasks for your Novabot. The bot will automatically determine the best way to accomplish the task. Novabot automatically returns to its docking station when it runs low on battery.

The RTK-GPS System with 0.8” level accuracy & NovaVision™ System detects the edges and is smart enough to trim the borders without wires or breaking a sweat.

With a 360° HD Panoramic Camera and the new VSLAM Technology, Novabot is always aware of its surroundings.

Uses Coremind™ Algorithm and 5 TOPS computing chip to cut the entire lawn in straight lines with 100% more efficiency and effectiveness.

You can climb up to 45% slopes and mow different areas of your lawn easily.

With a 7.5Ah lithium-ion battery, Novabot mows up to 2000m² and automatically returns to the charging base.

Nova App allows you to customize the settings and manage the smart lawnmower anywhere, anytime.

The anti-theft feature allows you to track exactly where the Novabot is located.

The 360° panoramic view allows you to use the Novabot as a home security system to detect unknown objects, sudden movements, and abnormal activities and to alert you via the Nova app.

100% weatherproof. Novabot is completely weatherproof. Novabot will not return to the base if there is heavy rain.

Novabot is IPX6 water-resistant and made with ABS shell material.

As impressive as its specs and capabilities are (after all Novabot is a culmination of 42 years’ worth of R&D at GRASP Laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania), its design is quite the looker too. Novabot is not a self driving mower that looks like a beer cooler with wheels or a large Roomba. Novabot looks more like a car and runs along your property (although the model appears larger in the video), while maintaining and guarding it. It takes away the robot’s appliance-like nature and makes it look futuristic. gardening gadget that’s sure to impress your guests… both the invited and the uninvited kinds!

Novabot ships in two variants – a Standard for $1299 and a Pro for $1599 (making it significantly cheaper than other robot lawnmowers from companies like Husqvarna), and comes with a 3-year warranty. Novabot’s companion app is free to use, offers IFTTT and Alexa integration, is end-to-end encrypted, and stores data locally instead of on a remote cloud server for added safety. As with most crowdfunded products, the pledges are used to develop, refine and test the product before it is mass-produced. Given its complex design, broad use-case, and AI-driven nature, Novabot’s shipping begins around June 2022.

Click Here to Buy Now: $1599 $3399 (52% off). Hurry, there are only 31! Raised over $670,000

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